Kiirstin Marilyn: “She” aspires to be an anthem for all “nasty women”

The song “She” by Kiirstin Marilyn aspires to be an anthem for all “nasty women” who fight for women’s rights. All proceeds from the single are meant to benefit Planned Parenthood. “She” is co-written and co-produced by Justin Ardolino, with additional instrumentation by Benny Reiner. The track actually began as a story of Kiirstin’s grandmother, Linda Liholm, who fled Soviet oppression and the occupation of Estonia in 1945. Linda, with her 6-month-old child, Ulo Kuhi, narrowly escaped a future in a Siberian concentration camp or death at the time.

Through the process of writing this song, Kiirstin discovered a profound empathy for her grandmother and a deep connection to her that she had never felt before. She explains, “I always knew my grandmother came here as a refugee of World War II, but her story was always more of an abstract idea without any real history or understanding behind it.”

Kiirstin Marilyn’s cool soprano and the clearly understood verse are evident here. Great emotion is achieved with her ability to balance the timbre of her delivery to the story of the anthem. She has a pure, crystalline voice that is an instrument unto itself.

Apart from the overarching theme, this track has a genuine mystical quality, depth and authenticity ‘right up there’ with the brilliant work of legendary 60’s protest singer-songwriters. This authenticity is lacking in much of today’s overproduced cacophonies.

Once upon a time, music wasn’t reduced to an antiseptic exercise of a ‘star machine determined by judges on a TV show’ who chant the added value mantra of the business cults; “She” is no such fake jewel.

Repeated listening, rewards with moving lyrics and an infectious melody that simply cannot be dislodged from your consciousness. You could point to any line on the lyric sheet and find something incredible and meaningful. Marilyn’s voice is smooth, both detached and engaging, and in complete control.

She is at the top of her game musically too; inventive, empowering, shimmeringly beautiful and superbly engaging. All of the elements that make up this song gels into one potent emotional unit. The lyrical substance, the instrumentation and arrangement, blends seamlessly with the vocals to create an open doorway into the heart and mind of a fascinating woman.

If you choose to step inside, you may be profoundly and forever altered by the experience. If you like listening to women’s singing voices with good musicianship and strong lyrical substance, Kiirstin Marilyn is essential.


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  1. She is probably my favorite song from Kiirstin Marilyn. It is so powerful and every woman(and man) needs to hear it and think about it. Thank you for writing such a wonderful article. You have put into words everything I feel when I listen to the song. You have captured Kiirstin Marilyn’s spirit and everyone who knows her will agree. Thank you for promoting a song and artist that needs to be heard especially in this day when our leaders forget what made this nation great.

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