Scion.Rae Drops two stunning singles – “Bittersweet” and “Master”

Back in the day, being the King of New York was synonymous with being the King of Hip-Hop. But then west coast G-Funk, the south’s bounce, and the midwest’s melodic and quick flows made their claims for the throne. Now, the hierarchy resembles more of a roundtable of kings. “Bittersweet” and “Master” are two unique singles from Scion.Rae, one of the roundtable’s latest aspiring pretendents. The Brooklyn native also has his punchline chops up to par here. And while other artists who are his contemporaries are releasing music to stay relevant, Scion.Rae is doing it as a form of creative expression.


After listening to Scion.Rae, it seems clear that he is far removed from the glossy, overproduced hip-hop bullshit blatantly catered for the pop audience. Don’t think, just pick this up, you won’t be sorry. We need more artists like this in the industry. The tracks are ridin’ all the way through.

His flows making sense and not non-sense, and the content will make your mind wonder and not wander. Scion.Rae is simply firing on all cylinders. He in some way embodies that 90’s swagger in his demeanor and flow, all while remaining very current.

Connections matter in all walks of life, but they’re crucial in major-label rap, which increasingly resembles an elite fraternity where each new member has to be sponsored by an existing superstar. Scion.Rae has no powerful friends who can play pivotal roles in any sort of rapid ascent to fame. So he has to nourish his craft and build his brand on his own steam.

Scion.Rae boasts some formidable strengths most notably a cocky charisma and a gift for clever turns of phrase. Of course, anyone can rap about cars, women, and flashy jewelry, so rap’s truly ambitious crass materialists have been forced to specialize.

Scion.Rae’s ability to fulfill his potential as an artist makes for interesting listening. When it comes to real, raw and in-your-face hip-hop, Scion.Rae’s is a newcomer that specializes in it. Scion.Rae released “Bittersweet”(prod. by beatsbyemani) and “Master”( Prod. by GHXST) both of which will have your trunk banging and your brain spinning.

Over groovy beats Scion.Rae rips everything apart as he lets loose. His raps are uncut and unforgiving to the point where you realize he is an artist who could care less about the mainstream rapper. If you’re into story-telling lyrics along with underground beats, you might want to check out Scion.Rae, an artist who continuously conquers new peaks with every verse.


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