Dreamcast McFly: “Windows” – a musician at an artistic peak!

Dreamcast McFly is a rule-bending avant-garde hip-hop artist who has a habit of going on for months not listening to any mainstream album while he’s working on the writing processes for his projects. There are talks of an upcoming album this year named “Pegasus” which Dreamcast describes as “a depressing love story”.  A few songs have been out in the public. Currently on his YouTube page you can view the video clip for his track “Joyride”, among others. Besides “Pegasus” and other music projects, Dreamcast McFly spends a lot of energy as a creative consultant, working on other NY artists’ music videos, and will be a regular comedic panelist on the Verbal Assault Talk Show.

Right now on iTunes you can find Dreamcast McFly’s very latest single release “Windows”. Dreamcast has honed his intense delivery to a deadly pinpoint, and it’s now backed by a distinct beats on this single, which allows his explicit style and unbreakable flow shine.

Don’t be fooled by Dreamcast McFly’s no-gimmicks demeanor – it’s about the only ordinary facet of this eclectic rapper. This latest single might be the first time he’s held together abstract, jarring flows long enough and hard enough, to blow your mind, without giving you a headache.

The first omen of this single, riffing off a skeletal soulful style beat, it’s a startling, breathless three minutes that resembles little other hip-hop you find in mainstream today. That is partly Dreamcast’s beauty: his art-meets-street methodology draws you in, because half the time you have no idea what’s going on, as you’re always one step behind him.  His chorus includes the illuminating line, “Eyes are just like windows to the soul. Never keep you blinds closed…”

Making successful rap music is a lot like taking a history class. To know what to do next, you have to go back and see what worked before. Finding inspiration in your favorite works is how it’s worked since the beginning. Artists look back in time to take everything from subtle cues on direction to complete theft of a sound.

Dreamcast McFly works differently; he mainly looks forward, disregarding much of what’s come before. And the reason’s quite simple; currently he is the one writing the text for the new history classes.

With “Windows”, Dreamcast McFly makes his claim as an evolved artist. He’s not coming for ‘the throne’ or trying to have ‘that song’ which keeps him in your memory as a relic. This is just a track from a musician at an artistic peak.


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