Gojko: “Luxury” is a star studded debut single!

When your debut song is handled by Grammy nominated Producer Rey Reel, the lyrics is written by Berklee graduate Krysta Youngs, and the vocal production is taken care of by Bert Elliot (Producer for OneRepublic and Ryan Tedder), you know that something special is going down. In this case the curiosity is aimed towards Gojko Lojpur who grew up in Eastern Europe, in a small war torn town stricken by adverse poverty in south Serbia. Gojko’s love for music started as a young child of 7, which led him to eventually take part in the “Junior Eurovision Song Contest”.

At 17 Gojko moved to the capital of Belgrade and trained in an operatic school. But because of the poverty and the perception that he was not being understood, Gojko opted to move out into the bigger world. This landed him squarely in the USA where he still resides today, and the result of his sacrifices along the way has led to his star studded debut single release “Luxury”. The song forges a great production, great vibes, a tight crossover pop-dance rhythm and a structure that is not overly done.

This is good to chill out to, to drive to, to sing to, and to dance to. Gojko’s music definitely sounds confident, full, and well-rounded. There is a cohesiveness that makes the whole thing work very compellingly.  As a whole, there are many positive aspects of Gojko’s debut.

He has a powerful voice, a knack for big hooks, and can elevate middling arrangements through sheer force of will. His aim to dive fully into a nuanced direction is a good look, and his earnestness is a natural antidote to the sleazy misanthropic attitudes of some of his contemporaries.

There’s enough focus, and promise in “Luxury” that differentiates him from the rest of the pop-dance pack. Gojko is living up to the hype on his debut, and is one of the more compelling pop stars of his class whose potential shines through in powerful glimpses here.

This single gives him the opportunity to sing and perform the music he’s passionate about, and backed by a superstar production cast for the first time in his career. He’s also fortunate that his musical interests happen to parallel the sound of pop and dance music in 2017. This all makes it easy to be seduced by his potential.

It’s obvious that Gojko’s has given his career some kind of spark with the release of “Luxury”, so now all he needs to do is give it room to catch fire. It will be interesting to see where he is able to take his talent to next.

You can follow Gojko on BandsInTown


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