Jerrod Brosean: “Right Now” is both swaggering and vulnerable

Formerly a member of the super RnB duo RecognitioN, Jerrod Brosean is back working on his first solo album entitled “Boyfriend Material”. Among his milestones, Jerrod can count 5 national tours, 3 BET Nominations, and two top 20 National Billboard records. His latest single is entitled “Right Now”.

Jerrod Brosean (RankinLLA Photography)
Jerrod Brosean (RankinLLA Photography)

Contemporary R&B is not at a high point right now. Sure, there’ll be a good tune once in a while, but for the most part the genre in the mainstream is stale. Sometimes a guy will come in and seal up the genre with massive success, and make it virtually impossible for anyone else to get any attention.

When I came across Jerrod Brosean I decided to take a listen. What I found was a tightly produced, well performed song that had some of the best hooks I’ve heard in a while. The lyrical matter is the usual RnB sexual mainstay, but Brosean has a way about singing it that gives it an added sense of emotion.

The track is certainly make or break on how much you enjoy Jerrod Brosean voice. He is way ahead of his age, showing a great range (including a falsetto that isn’t as annoying as f*ck). “Right Now” is a must have for anybody who knows the true meaning of meaningful.

Jerrod Brosean (RankinLLA Photography)
Jerrod Brosean (RankinLLA Photography)

This project obviously came from his heart and soul. The lyrics are like a guide through his mind and you can actually almost feel the sensual ecstasy as if you were the artist yourself. He did that by going through a gratifyingly intimate experience and clearly expresses his feelings about it.  It’s largely about the quest to find meaning in sex and love.

In an age of event albums like Lemonade and Blonde, does Jerrod Brosean have what it takes to stand out in the pop industry? As his contemporaries embrace manic release schedules, surprise albums and wild musical experimentation, Jerrod Brosean has quietly been working on his game plan. And he is getting ready to change up his sound.

This first single is both swaggering and vulnerable, never leaning too much in one direction. Its production and musicianship are essentially flawless, rendering his music as sublime as his vocal art.

Throughout “Right Now”, Jerrod Brosean’s voice is an anchor, holding the production together, with his warm lower register, and striking high range. The ballad draws out a sweet, romantic tension across its runtime.




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