Zone Lee: “Sirens” and “Lurking” arc and twist through the atmosphere!

Zone Lee is a talented hip-hop artist and producer who is also able to write catchy hooks. Recently he has been on a roll putting together music for high fashion labels like Nolah Elan Park AveZone Lee is as an artist capable of unique fusions of disparate formats: dope, moving bangers with R&B romance; Auto-Tuned lyrics with earthy speech; earthy speech with unearthly bellows; mainstream smoothness with avant-garde grit; promise with reality. The thematic spirit of his music ranges from desperate, torturous transmogrification to wistful decadence to calm, euphoric alienation.

He can write bangers and sleepers, slow-burning meditations and dance-club thrillers, all packaged next to one another if he wants. Zone Lee is a portrait of an artist in his creative zenith, so when he dug in to compose music for the Nolah Elan Runway show, what came out were the singles “Babylon” and “Sirens”.

This last track is a result of Lee’s cavernous mind telescoped into trap house. Cobbled together from various sources of modern rap, R&B and EDM, “Sirens” is another noteworthy step forward for an artist who manages to keep turning out a bundle of diverse tracks.

More than music, I think Zone Lee caters to those who get exited by powerful emotions…in whatever direction they pull.  Anything and everything exists in Zone Lee domain, it seems. Regardless of the abstractness or intangibility – if it exists, and it can be tied into some form of musical pleasure or power, Lee will take control of it.

He makes this pretty clear on both “Babylon” and “Sirens”, as well as on his hard-hitting single “Lurking”. These tracks can also be found on the album, “Faded Parallels”, where you’ll get to see just how far Lee takes his free-thinking concept.

In the meantime slip and slide into the slinky sounds of any on of the singles – from  “Sirens”, to “Babylon” and “Lurking”, where he raps and he sings , as the airy, yet intense, stargazing beats hold him aloft. Zone Lee has his own distinct sound pinned down and every beat on these tracks, no matter how minimal, only pushes that sound forward.

His music arcs and twists through the atmosphere on its own ethereal sense of flight.  No doubt Lee’s releases are designed to propel the artist into national consciousness ,be that mainstream or underground. On them, Zone Lee beams with a world beating confidence that is hard to resist.

Keep an eye out for the Nolah Elan Runway Music Initiative NYFW in September.


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