DonSpig: “All My Niggas Get Money” – a new new hip-hop ambassador!

“All My Niggas Get Money” is the first of many singles to drop from DonSpig. If at times you just want to sit back and relax, and listen to some slow-burning hood-esque music that will get your head nodding and your mind thinking. This new release has enough of it to satisfy you. But it has more. The mainstream rap landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years since.

Trap music is in again, and danceable rap with half sung choruses is right there next to it. In a year that has seen a bunch of major releases already; the bar has been raised on what it takes to stand out, and artists have begun to focus more on putting quality into their single releases. “All My Niggas Get Money” is an achievement that does just that.

As the track kicks in listeners are quickly aware of the single’s range, both sonically and thematically. It is a puzzle of beat, lyrics and flow that fit each other perfectly. Throughout the track DonSpig uses his skills smartly while flaunting his maturing abilities.

His flow, tone and voice have is been strong but his lyrical ability will make people sit up and listen. As the forms and aesthetics that were slowly shaping in the forward motion of the social media era has begun to crystallize, we are beginning to understand more clearly what rap looks and sounds like in the post-Internet age.

The tentative to break from the limiting grips of mid-2000’s ringtone rap has been executed, and the Hiphop landscape is once again being redefined by artists who can deliver the total product.  The genre’s new brand ambassadors are consolidating office.

Only this time around a whole handful is coming from the underground, artists who see the world very differently to their predecessors. And herein, as its name suggests, “All My Niggas Get Money” feels epochal, and even threatening to the major label players who have been hijacking the genre for too long.

DonSpig’s savvy packaging of high-tech aesthetics, the employment of trap influenced sonics and sharp urban insight is ready to  become something of a contemporary rap staple. It sounds like a new rap monument is put in motion!


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