Kenzani: “Something” – another landmark in the ongoing evolution of underground EDM

Kenzani is an artist who grew up in the Caribbean. He now lives in New Delhi, India where he produces his music. Currently performing at clubs in New Delhi, Kenzani mixes different genres as he continues to push the music boundaries. After last year’s critically acclaimed track, “Dark Spark”, “Something” is Kenzani’s latest single, which is now available on all major digital platforms. Kenzani’s newest release departs from “Dark Spark’s” more experimental and broad sound and hones in on his dance music skills. And a 4-minute dance floor anthem is just perfect for the occasion. “Something” is dominated by smooth, uplifting rap verses vocals while the track does not lack any of Kenzani’s signature noise.


As usual, he shows his expertise with beats that draw from many areas within electronic dance music. Progressive sounds and electro lines plunge into some of the best EDM. Music, it speaks to the soul. And every so often the stars align for a release, perfectly attuned to a particular moment in time.

At least that’s how Kenzani’s releases always seem to me, a custom-tailored track for the unexpected ups and downs that we all must endure.

Kenzani’s works stand as landmarks in the ongoing evolution of underground EDM, both musically and experientially. Laced with rhyming vocals that swing you from one extreme to the other, Kenzani gathers the experience of his club performances and record releases into one stunning package that showcases the DJ/Producer’s multifaceted approach to dance music.

“Something” seems a perfect combination of all things Kenzani.  He imbues the track with an unmistakable 4-to-the-floor-beat and signature house progressions can be found intermixed between the percussion and powerful synth lines.

Woven between these elements, the rhymes make their wave to the fore. It’s a song that cannot be pegged to a genre, one that must be left open to interpretation, and a typifying track of Kenzani’s latest musical excursions.

No matter what you’re expecting from “Something”Kenzani’s new studio track, you will invariably be surprised. Kenzani doesn’t segment the various sides of his musical vision: Progressive, Electro, Commercial as well as Tech House styles for which he’s become known in recent years, instead he manages to meld a little piece of everything into each of his single projects.

The result is an all-embracing EDM club anthem fused with a strong urban element represented by the rap verses. It creates a completely immersive listening experience, inviting his fans into a new, beautifully executed sonic atmosphere.


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