WOUNDEDSPiRiT: “11Months3Weeks6Days” captures a classic essence in a new exciting and magic way!

WOUNDEDSPiRiT are a Pop/Rock band from West Bromwich in the UK, who in the nineties were strongly positioning themselves to be one of the emerging anthemic rock bands of the decade while gaining major support from big names in the industry including BBC Radio 1. However in the midst of their adventure the band mysteriously disbanded. Now after the being overwhelmed by the response from newly  fans after what was originally a one off reunion show, WOUNDEDSPiRiT are making a triumphant return, recording new material and revisiting past demos with Producer Gareth Young (All Saints, Ronan Keating).

And so the single, “11Months3Weeks6Days” comes without any red carpets, boasting very confident vocals, intense and jangly guitar riffs, with airy keyboard passages that charge the song with dynamics and atmosphere, as the anthemic harmonies swirl around the choruses.

The song turns out to be a very strong AOR offering, backed by interesting twists and a unique atmosphere, which is obviously sustained by the splendid complementary playing from  members, Jason Kelly (Vocals), Elton Mctaggart (Drums), Terry Ebanks (Bass, Vocals), Biggsy (Guitars) and Debbie P (Keyboards, Vocals).

The instrumental bridge, the smooth, likable bass focus, the extraordinarily tight drumming, and the production, mixing, and editing is all top-notch. The vocal pitches are loud, crisp, and clear, the drum beats come through excessively well. But good production is not enough, you need a great song to make any kind of impression – and WOUNDEDSPiRiT deliver a great song with “11Months3Weeks6Days”!

To see these five musicians put out great music is a thrill for people who know that music should not be dictated by record companies for the sake of making a quick buck. This isn’t cheesy contemporary corporate pop or rock. This sounds like it’s from his heart that is the difference.

Incredible vocals, and harmonies, as well as quality musicianship is a difficult set of elements to capture in a bottle in today’s bedroom-and-laptop production scenario. Hence a full live band like WOUNDEDSPiRiT actually comes across as something rare and unique today.

The one striking thing is how much this track leaves a positive vibe. WOUNDEDSPiRiT are not afraid to sound like an adult pop-rock band, as they stick to what made similar sounding bands extremely successful throughout the 80s and 90s – memorable melodies, soaring choruses and anthemic hooks galore – without necessarily sounding derivative. This record grows on you quick I promise. It captures a classic essence in a new exciting and magic way!


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