Planets – “Reflections”

Planets is the indie-pop brainchild of Matthew Morgan, Christian Haberkern, and Tim Morgan. Initially, the thought occurred to Matthew while working on an instrumental album. “I realized the music could reach a whole new level if I wrote beautiful melodies for a great vocalist to sing, instead of depending on a guitar or piano to carry it.”

The recording process started in Matthew’s personal studio in the Appalachians of North Carolina. Starting off, he knew he wanted to work with a vocalist that would make the songs come to life. Funny enough, he saw a youtube video from one of his facebook followers, Rae Anna Beauford. He was instantly struck by how well her voice would fit the project. Unfortunately, she lived in Missouri. Over the course of a couple months, Matthew, Christian and Rae sent files and ideas back and forth.

 Planets “Reflections” via Youtube

Learning as they went, they crafted the beginnings of “Reflections” the debut single. Planets’ debut single, “Reflections,” is both sleek and sentimental. Its alluring female vocals recount the painful reality of discovering one’s personal shortcomings, and the difficulty in processing these findings. Then searching for something to fill this void. Coming from a film background, they had the idea of writing music for different vocalists almost like different main characters, creating different settings and styles with each release.

The upcoming EP, Colors Alive will feature Rae on all of the songs. The style and setting has almost a sci-fi edginess, yet with a very human touch. Recounting personal stories of loss, love and searching for more.

Filming their own music videos, they push to make each release a well-crafted story with sound and imagery. Almost like short films in themselves. In most of these songs, there is a light at the end of the tunnel—the search is about finding a deeper purpose,” Matthew reveals. “To me, if our only conclusions are our shortcomings or our feelings of loneliness, then that just makes the world a darker place which defeats the purpose.“


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