DJ NoMis ft. Danielle Marie: “Loving On You” – emotive euphoria

DJ NoMis started 2020 Sound in the summer of 2016 with one goal: to make an impact in the music industry. For the past few years, he has learned how to write, produce, and record professional-level music in his home studio. His debut album, “NoMiNation”, released on December 9, 2016, jump-started both his music production company and his career. He hopes to expand his market globally, to continue working with high-level clients, and be known across the world as DJ NoMis. Currently his latest project is the banging single “Loving On You” (feat. Danielle Marie).

Summer continues to come faster than we have anticipated, fastening itself with the many music releases that compete tirelessly to be the ultimate snapshot of the hotter side of the year. With every summer that shines on by, it always features a list of pop-dance tracks that photograph the essence and feel of it all. DJ NoMis has just added his name to that list with the release of “Loving On You” (feat. Danielle Marie).

More mainstream, more energetic, louder, and strapped with a bright, brittle flavor to it than most of his other commercialized contemporaries, DJ NoMis takes us flying with his powered-up sunlit sound and gives it to us first glance in all its synth glory. The track takes off full throttle to a quick ascent atop its EDM structure – layered synths and hi-hats – to a fantastical world that is so euphoric and emotional that you don’t just feel good inside: you literally feel like you’re loving on someone too!

Heightened by the steaming momentum of the feisty vocals crafted by Danielle Marie, the track delivers beaming, emotive euphoria that people will be feeling with the end of tireless work days and a vacation on the horizon.  With its screaming synths, high-powered percussion and bellowing vocals, “Loving On You” (feat. Danielle Marie), is a far cry from the usual, sweet melodic, toe tapping, crossover EDM tune catering for the Top 40 Charts.

DJ NoMis has forged a crossover EDM track with a dominant and loud, almost rock approach, to the proceedings. When “Loving On You” (feat. Danielle Marie) comes screaming out of the speakers, it’s like turning on every colorful light in the spectrum and vividly shining them out across the floor until you are blinded by the light.

DJ NoMis sounds like the leader of his own musical movement, and delivers his production with confidence and enforcement in this song. This isn’t your average EDM single, divulged in generic, mainstream-pleasing sounds that don’t convey any sort of feel beyond the usual. Loud, proud, and highly strung, both musically and vocally, this track kicks ass…on and off the dance floor!


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