Xavier Toscano: “Never Wanna Leave” a lush wall-of-sound

Top 40 influenced Xavier Toscano blends his love of EDM, rap, rock, reggae, and R&B with his dancing ability to create a dynamic stage show. Xavier has performed across the United States and Europe, and has had his music featured in a variety of TV shows, major brand commercials, MTV and video Jukeboxes internationally. Practically from Keeping Up With The Kardashians to the PBS show Roadtrip Nation and Foot Locker stores nationwide, Xavier Toscano’s music has been filtering everywhere. Xavier has just dropped his latest track “Never Wanna Leave” for which he is currently preparing the official music video. The track is rigorously constructed and produced to one end: putting Xavier Toscano in the spotlight.

The vocalist stands front and center, whether supported by the enthusiastic chorus of backing vocals and punctuating ad libs. This ornately set stage would have been fruitless without a skilled performer to fill the space, and larger-than-life personality aside, Xavier is up to the challenge. He’s got the pipes and he’s willing to push his vocal limits.

And in an age of mumble-mouth pop voices, Xavier’s clear, unapologetic tenor is a blessing. His melodic wordiness always works to his favor — the track is packed with energetic verses and hook-filled choruses — and Xavier’s crystalline enunciation keeps you looped in and listening.

That track might be one of the crown jewels of Xavier’s growing catalog – one of his more lush and layered recordings. The various synths, dramatic bass plunks, and Xavier’s lower register in the verses and melodious falsetto in the chorus all cohere into a song of seduction that straddles both frustration and confidence and captures the tight songwriting.

Obsessed as it is with surface, “Never Wanna Leave” packs considerable musical depth in its slavish attention to detail. It is all a shift in an even catchier direction for the multi-talented Xavier Toscano – even more EDM and more pop than before, which gives the song a lush, wall-of-sound quality. The result is a groovy party that ends all too soon.

Xavier seems to finally embrace the most palatable and exciting part of his musical persona — the part that is both extremely reverent and extremely literate in Pop history. The part that fully understands how to create a three and a half minute earworm without sounding banal or clichéd. Strong in production and composition, and just effortlessly cool throughout, will no doubt capture herds of listeners.


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