Cooper Phillip: “Party By Myself” sparkles and shimmers!

Cooper Phillip is a passionate performer who was born a small town girl with very big dreams – raised by her grandmother and aunt while her mother, a master violin player, toured with various symphonies, she grabbed her musical flavors from the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, followed by Barbra Streisand, and then Mariah Carey. Soon she set her sights on the big city where she met up with producer Yoni Blondy. The resulting collaboration forged her debut EP “Walk A Mile”. Cooper Phillip’s voice spans four octaves, and she glides up and down her register with ease, sounding wispy and ethereal with her high notes and sensual and resonant in her low. A Phillip vocal over a dance beat is immediately recognizable, and her single “Party By Myself” has so many hooks that they get into your head immediately.

Though a crossover EDM-Pop track, “Party By Myself” sparkles and shimmers rather than bludgeons you through the speakers, like most songs in the genre do, and Cooper should quickly win over all sorts of  fans and plaudits if this is marketed through the right channels.

The track moves toward electronic-based sounds, and in favor of a unique blend of instrumentation and effects with modern EDM producing techniques that not only complements Cooper’s distinct vocals but creates an uncommon tone that is refreshingly cohesive throughout the entire song.

It’s a simple sound that is a lot more rich and complex the more you try to isolate each instrument. The producers also included synthesized vox effects that helps develop the extraordinary catchy sound found throughout the record. As much as the juxtaposition of Cooper’s soulful voice and songwriting with cutting-edge electronica drives much of the track.

There are quieter, more intimate moments on the breakdown prove that her music can be just as compelling without bells and whistles. And Cooper Phillip also makes it impossible to ignore the broken heart that was clearly the creative inspiration for this song.

So, after twenty listens, I’m still not entirely sure which is the most captivating part of “Party By Myself”. Is it the groundbreaking EDM-Pop crossover style? Or is it the glorious, shimmering break-up themes? I’m still not sure. One thing is certain though, there can be no doubt about this young woman’s talent.

Cooper Phillip truly tries to stretch the meaning of her music with her flashy, stylistic approach, mixing genres and embracing sounds to create something truly unique and all her own. The rest is left to her stunning vocals. Just for the record – I’m so proud of myself for getting through this entire piece without once alluding to just how damn sexy she is too!


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