Jonathan Cavier: “When You Come Around” – energy and positive emotions

Pop singer-songwriter Jonathan Cavier has released his second solo album, ‘Blue Room’, which is available via iTunes and all major digital outlets. The first single, “When You Come Around,” taken from the aforementioned album was released during April while the video for the song is also available for viewing on Cavier’s YouTube channel.  As with most of Cavier’s releases, this track blends together pop influences from the 80s and 90s with the best of modern pop-rock sounds. If we roughly divide all music artists into three categories, we will get the following picture – There is a constellation of well-known and respected musicians. Then there is an infinite number of marginal and more remote ones that at best are known locally. They are just like asteroids that fly in the vast Universe, appearing and disappearing. Then there are the average – of various significance, some solid, some – just staying afloat. Like satellites they are, forever tied to their sound musical orbits. Obviously, the spotlight is on the large objects. But sometimes, among satellites there are those who undeservedly remain in the shadows, even when such a satellite can eclipse a planet.

Without a doubt, the name of Jonathan Cavier, would fail to evoke an instant association in the uninitiated listener. It has less to do with the locality of said person or his lack of talent. It might be one more attribute of contemporary biases; however, this is a topic for another discussion. My bewilderment at the absence of Cavier’s wider popularity was sparked after introduction to his latest single, “When You Come Around”.

This is high quality pop which is easily explained in four cardinal points. Firstly when you press play and the very first perky acoustic guitar riffs hit you, you’ll be bobbing your head. Next you’ll be singing along. As we progress this astonishment only increases, as it is almost impossible to imagine all this airy, snappy, inspired and radiate music is performed by an independent artist unaffected with the necessity to find new forms and to exceed or gain on his yesterday’s self.

Secondly, the main characteristic of the genre is in abundance here – and that is catchiness. The song has a very strong chorus, which again is the most important element in the pop genre. Thirdly, Jonathan Cavier manages to fill the track with various moods and provides a jolt of energy, positive emotions and romantic longing – a remnant from the golden 90s.

Finally and fourthly, the sincerity that permeates the playing and singing on the track (it might have been its initial design) really wins you over. Even if Cavier was driven only by commercial considerations while making the single and album (which is doubtful), as an outcome we have a recording, with purity you want to believe from the get-go.

Had this track been released in the 80s or even 90s, it might have elicited the same adoration and sales comparable to some of those era’s bestsellers. But in our times of cliché, repetition and regurgitation, as well as references and self-references that border on parody, “When You Come Around” is destined to have to work a little harder to find its niche – which is unfortunate – as this is a great track by an artist hidden in the indie underground, but a very good musician and singer nonetheless. Strongly recommended for multiple listens on any radio station you’d care to mention!


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