Modello: “Down 4 My Lover” smoothly slides over the groove of the beat!

As a child, Modello grew up in the Englewood area of Chicago, surrounded by the ever-present drugs and gang violence. He attended an elementary school located on the south side near the 6200 block of Racine, where he started writing his own lyrics, being influenced by artists like Jay Z, 2 Pac, and Fabolous. Modello continued writing over the years while attending High School and started to evolve into a hip hop music artist.  After graduation, he got into modeling, which presented a major opportunity to start his fan base and entertainment career.

For the next few years, he traveled often between the big cities of New York, LA, and Chicago, and surrounding area, perfecting his craft. Modello used his life experiences from the various regions to influence his different sounds. With his success on the rise, Modello – also known as hip-hop’s love child – has returned to his roots in Chicago, to finish what he started as a hip hop artist.

One of the weapons in his armament of artistic surprises, is the potential smash single, “Down 4 My Lover”.  It places Modello in this weird space that questions “Can he be a star?” Before you even get a chance to break down the bars on the track, the production is guaranteed to reel you in.

This track is as musically beautiful as anything Modello’s ever done. The track unfolds with its soulful and miasmic funky bass relaxing into itself, never pushing too hard but never fading into the background either.

The beat and the overall sound on the single is just immaculate, clearly much time and effort was put into crafting the sound for “Down 4 My Lover”. The result really speaks for itself.

In an age when traditional ‘topical’ hip-hop is scarce and fleeting, Modello does not disappoint. Either he is way ahead of his time, or it has been too long since hip-hop breathed in this way. The entire song showcases Modello cleverly structured storytelling and open thinking, as well as his wordsmith skills.

You won’t find repetitive and monotonous wordplay as he smoothly slides over the groove of the beat. Modello sounds honest in his sentiment here, and has crafted that honesty into a format that’s easy for anyone to consume.

It’s about what’s he says and how he says it. “Down 4 My Lover” is a good song. And it’s a good type of song too. The type that will feel very comfortable on your playlist shuffles, no matter who it shares company with.

Modello also has an EP dropping later in the year, entitled “Amour De La Rue”, which will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and most other streaming and download platforms. So keep an eye out for that.


CHECKOUT THE VIDEO – Modello – Red Bottoms (Prod By. CBMix)

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