Basia Preen: “Life” – carefully crafted and well-executed

Singer-songwriter, Basia Preen, returned to her hometown in Poland after spending many years in England, and accidentally discovered the art of dance and movement. She’s says that dance became a connection to her inner self, while her new friends, and artists from Izery Mountains, became here inspiration. It was then that Basia unlocked the door to the music inside of her. A former photography student by day and a barmaid by night, in London, Basia has collected many life experiences and stories along the way, which she deftly translates into music and words. Her latest release is the poignant, piano driven single, entitled “Life”.

Basia Preen
Basia Preen

The track displays poise with a quiet, spacious arrangement, and it occupies both spaces authoritatively. The ballad grips with naked honesty and a gently plucked piano, as Basia sings “If I could spread my wings wide, let the intuition fly, If I could have the only wish, You know what it would be. Life, life is forever its expanding breathing space, tears are non-existent there is no hunger, no bloodshed, no pain…” There’s emotion, truth and knowledge of self in every word. The track is split between earnest hope and moments of utter clarity.

Basia Preen is a fascinating presence in pop music at a time when posturing is as important as craft, because she isn’t selling media savvy, false imagery or sexual fantasies. She is an outstanding writer and an intriguing singer with an otherworldly musical presence.

Everything about “Life”, demonstrates Basia’s determination not to squander her creative freedom. The smoky, slightly whispery warmth of her voice immediately sets the new song apart from rivals, as it simmers and builds from bar to bar, loaded with understated beauty.

“Life” is so self-assured in its minimalism, so supremely confident in its poetic scrutiny, and so carefully crafted and well-executed for somebody still in the early years of their songwriting and performance craft. The song is as cathartic as the lyrics suggest, and a solid listen that effortlessly avoids genre boxing, while remaining true to Basia Preen’s passionate alternative-pop roots.

Here, the Polish songstress delivers an affecting tale about the power of dreams and aspirations. There is a common desire, in art, in love, and in life to strive for the highest ambrosial peaks possible and to never settle until we find them. Basia Preen’s exquisitely compact music catalog seems to follow that very same motif.


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