Ribbdeezy: “Cook It Up” – the same venerable trap lord status as his peers

As talented as Ribbdeezy may sound with quick witted lyrics and precise vocal execution, a lot of his appeal can be also be attributed to the production he chooses to rhyme on. The best part about Ribbdeezy is how good his voice sounds smothered on top of this blood-pumping trap beat. The quality of the production is essential for trap to work and Ribbdeezy ear for sharp, inventive beats is as good as you’ll find in the genre. On his project, “Cook It Up”, he keeps a tight circle with producer Victhemonster. The combination of one voice and one like-minded producer makes for a very clear, concise body of work, which this definitely is. Ribbdeezy definitely knows how to introduce his projects in the right way. The beat is brooding, melodic, and cutthroat.

The track quickly sets an abrasive tone and will prove wrong any listeners who think Ribbdeezy isn’t in the same venerable trap lord status as his peers. Coming off his future album release, “LEZION”, this track represents a small leap for breaking into the popular consciousness.

Ribbdeezy’s such an addicting rapper to listen to, the way his flow bobs up and down. Obviously knowing the words to the song makes it more fun to hear, but there’s something so quotable about virtually every line on this track, that you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Ribbdeezy’s appeal isn’t as much due to the complexities of his lyrics. Rather, it is the mesmerizing sensation created by his smooth and irreverent flow. The rapper is a talent that deserves recognition and credit for generating his own momentum inside the trap style.

There are no features on this, pushing more responsibility for dynamism on the shoulders of the rapper, and he carries on finely without a dilution of his art. Certainly Ribbdeezy proves his worth with “Cook It Up”. An articulate lyricist, the Hawaiian-born rapper uses an emotive delivery to attempt to carry this song to the pinnacle of contemporary trap music.

More About: Lipine Avea aka RIBBDEEZY, was born In Hawaii and raised in Apia Samoa. At the age of 13 Lipine joined a church choir in the village of Vaitoomuli Palauli located on the Samoan islands of Savaii. That’s where his passion for music started, and Ribbdeezy had his origins.

He travelled to the USA at the age of 15 to pursue his dreams, and released his first self-produced album at the age of 18. In 2010 he won “Album of the year” and “Artist of the year” awards in the first music awards ever held in Samoa. After an 8 year hiatus Ribbdeezy has now finally released his first come-back single produced by Victhemonster called “Cook it Up”.

Future projects you should look out for from Ribbdeezy is a Reggae EP done in collaboration with HeavenleigMusic, and coming to radios and online stores soon. You can have a sneak peak of the two doing a cover to Future Ft Rihanna “Selfish” Reggae style here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAEayXK5m_k


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