CarLovy Musicc: “Lords Connection” – a supremely confident artist

CarLovy Musicc presents himself as a Music Artist, Rapper, Singer, Song Writer, Music and Movie Producer, Song Orchestrator, Video Director, Actor and Mogul. Born in Harlem, New York, this master of all trades has dropped various albums and a mixtape under different monikers. He has also released a number of videos which he directs himself, and can be found on all major video sharing websites like WorldStarHipHop, MTV and YouTube etc. The award-winning creative has orchestrated projects in a number of top studios, performed on many stages, and has worked in radio too. Currently CarLovy Musicc is promoting one of his latest tracks, entitled “Lords Connection”.

This track plays out as a mission statement more than anything, each bar aggressively reasserting the rapper. It’s just about what you’d expect from an artist preceded by so much hype, and it’s achieving exactly what it sets out to. CarLovy Musicc is more relevant than ever, and it shows in his lyrical form, as well as the production which is tight too.

This is almost the most vibrant an underground New York record has sounded in some time. Whereas most modern rappers’ skills are in there ability to ride a beat and flip a catchy chorus, CarLovy’s lines seamlessly roll off his tongue, with such vivid imagery that he gives the best griots a run for their money.

The backdrop is lean, and the tone laid-back, but simmering with an understated aggressiveness awaiting to rise, as CarLovy Musicc lays his streetwise theories and themes on the table. It is very evident that this is drastically matured artist, with advanced wordplay and lyrical content in general.

The vivid lyrics are placed well over great production with CarLovy delivering metaphors and wordplay any hip hop fan can appreciate. The artist is fully engaged from start-to-finish on this project, using all the resources at his fingertips, and that may be the most important factor of the track.

After running through CarLovy Musicc’s bio, track record, and accolades, I was expecting a lot when I first pressed play on “Lords Connection”, but I can say fairly that my expectations were exceeded. The track not only describes the focused attitude CarLovy embodies in his lyrics, but the attitude of a worldwide audience who probably won’t be able to get enough of his voice and vibe.

For those being introduced to CarLovy Musicc for the first time, “Lords Connection” exemplifies how supremely confident the surefooted artist is in not only achieving success in the rap world, but in clearing out any and all obstacles in his way.

The release of “Lords Connection” clearly demonstrates that CarLovy Musicc is his own artist and can navigate through the ins and outs of the rap game without the aid of anyone.


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