Major Tom: “2.0” – Its impact transcends any trend or genre

Major Tom is a Danish indie rock/pop collective founded in 2017. The four-piece band plays alternative rock mixed with indie elements. Lead singer Karl Hermansson is supported by Simon Lerskov Andersen on drums, Morten Engeset on bass and Malthe Scheel on guitar. Almost by its very definition, indie rock is not supposed to be envisioned on a grand scale. Lo-fi production, cryptic lyrics, strong feelings in the place of professionalism – these are all supposedly typical trademarks, but above all, indie people are sort of supposed to be loners who don’t give much of a damn about whether the audience likes them or not. Wrong.

If there’s one argument that I love to make against all those crazy people who reliably inform me that all modern music sucks, it’s found in 2 simple words. Major Tom. Oh, what’s that, most of you have never heard of them? That’s unfortunate, but in a way, I genuinely envy you. You’re in for a real treat once you start listening to their 3 track EP project “2.0”.

The opening song “A Faded Rose” serves as a prelude, setting all necessary context, both thematic and stylistic, so that the listener can sink into the otherworldly realm that is the recording.  With this in mind, the track is where the EP takes off, as it flips through the robust organic instrumental and resonant reverb established, and becomes a summary of the uncanny emotion that the entire EP gives off.

The powerful singing voice can easily be mentioned as one of the band’s absolute cornerstones, as is the excellent and sprawling guitar work. Like each of the EP’s many pinnacles, the song feels carefully considered yet uncontrived, a bubbling mix of raw emotion and refined conviction.

This emotion can be taken two completely different ways, as “Hold My Hand” has a sound so authentically deep and fortified that the perception of the listener is the determining factor of its emotional appeal. The song reaches a point of rawness, something necessary to convey the flamboyance of the lyrics.

The track is comprised of instruments working in unison, the first being a flourished guitar chord pattern that picks and strums, as does the high-register vocal melody, which is the true protagonist of the song again. Karl Hermansson has a voice that captivates and entrances, soaring well above the norm.

It becomes apparent listening to “Hold My Hand” that whatever the listener decides to focus on, be it the voice or the music, it is bound to take them on an otherworldly journey. There’s a ton of heart and soul, deeply embedded in this song. Major Tom opt to close the EP on a resonant and warm note, with the Danish language track “Over Grænsen”.

Its impact transcends any trend, genre, or musical field of interest. This is a passionate, beautiful, and rich musical arrangement. “2.0” is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, haunting, interesting pieces of music I have listened to this year. It’s rare to hear such sustained inspiration on an EP.


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