Worlds Move: “Making Memories” – vibrant and euphoric chord progressions!

It might feel like longer or a little shorter, depending on your point of view, but electronic dance music has dominated the popular musical landscape for the last five years. Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, Avicii and Kygo, among many others have topped charts and the super-sized, pyrotechnics-driven festival bills that have opened the doors to both international fame and the Forbes rich list. But if its ubiquity is started to give you a headache, you’ll be relieved to learn that the electronic genre called tropical house has closed in on the rest of the EDM sub-genres.

And with huge record deals in the offing, tens of millions of online followers, the genre’s key proponents have been growing with many new up and coming producers bringing their wares to the table. Next in line is the 15 year old producer from Maryland, Val Bowers better known as Worlds Move.

The young producer has recently dropped his single, “Making Memories”, showing a lot of flare for warm, soaring composition. His music it like a palette cleanser; it has a genuinely refreshing effect between louder, more aggressive music. Worlds Move manages to imbue his music with a brilliant melody which really hits the mark.

The production is impressive, as is the use of instrumentation. And the surprise is…there are no vocals, which is unusual in the current scene, where most producers are throwing in singers so as to capture the pop market and chart placings.

The songwriting is good, and it has to be, seeing as the track has no lyrics, leaving the music the task of completing the narrative by itself. Worlds Move is consistent in the type of vibe that he wants to produce, hence he gets his message across.

Some of the usual elements of Tropical House are largely present, although the track maintains a more vibrant and euphoric chord progression. “Making Memories” also has a great, raw quality, successfully blending the organ and piano riffs in the breakdown and subsequent buildup.

Worlds Move combines lush instrument pads with edgy synths to get an all-embracing sound that’s as powerful as it is melodic. Through this rich blend, the young producer establishes a distinct and exciting sound, which never becomes predictable as it drifts by, maintaining its inspiring progression which enhances he momentum. Worlds Move’s electronic keyboards often serve as an amped-up piano for the arrangement that tends to be aggressively sunny and wholly resonant.


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