Through Infinity: “The Life” – rhythmically advanced, and harmonically complex!

Through Infinity are incredibly hard to describe because their music doesn’t fit into any one genre. They manage to defy genres and blend together numerous ambient, progressive rock and avant-garde styles to create a musical landscape that is both refreshing and compulsively seductive. The hypnotic rhythms, spacy keyboards, glissando guitars and bone-crushing rock riffs and electric guitar solos which make their style captivating, are all contained in the album “The Life” – A project which consisted of 8 years work before the final recording went to release. Through Infinity is one of the most innovative bands in progressive and electronic rock today combining intense musicianship, unconventional composition and superb studio production. They are unquestionably one of the Croatia’s most inspired and inventive rock groups.

The core band formation includes founder, Josip Pešut on guitars and electronics, Tomo Bačurin, a producer and an owner of Longplay Studio in Zagreb, on keyboards, and diverse bassist Tomislav Lacković. The remaining members came along during the recording process, and continued with creative contribution ever since; regionally renowned drummer Damir Šomen, a Belgian guitarist and guitar school owner Antony Reynaert, Macedonian traditional instruments and woodwind players Safiudin Alimoski on kaval and guitars, and his daughter Đulijana Alimoski on flute.

The first album “The Life”, is beyond spectacular. I closed my eyes and listened to the whole thing and was stunned by the time I reached the end; I had gone on a musical journey where I was alone – nothing but me and music. What you get from this recording is a melting pot of different kinds of wondrous rock creativity.

The music is fantastic, the musical narratives are meaningful, and the band sounds at their prime. Through Infinity seems to have been assembled for the sole purpose of heart thumping awesomeness. It is a roller coaster that doesn’t seem to stop until the final haunting track, “Holy Streams”, hits your speakers with its layered orchestrations.

This is a high-quality release from the band. There are moments of pristine beauty here, as well as songs with punishingly heavy and complex passages. Entirely captivating, the mood of the opening song, “Try To Find The Hope”, is uplifting.

The lead guitar melody will lift you onto a different plain, while stimulating instrumental transitions and chord progressions juxtaposed with exhilarating performances, make this song extraordinary. “Sight Of An Eagle” uses delightful piano chords and some beautiful guitar work mixed with a rumbling bass line, before making a leap to the heavens with amazing gusto, and then coming down again towards the end.

Moving forward, the titular track, “The Life” is partially inspired by Josip Pešut’s screaming guitar, as well as by the dominant piano passages. This might be one of the best upbeat tracks on the album. “The Life (Diamond’s Rendition)” is a mysterious piano driven song without percussion or many other infusions, while “Aural Spectrum” displays the entire force of the band, and once again Pešut’s six-string prowess. Its an epic, intense and highly emotive masterpiece, maintaining steady pace and feel throughout. The instrumental includes impressive drum and bass creativity levels.

“Eliza” brings a sprawling and softer ambient or post-rock type sound. A serious contender, alongside a handful of others, for album of the year, “The Life” oozes style and creativity in a unique, yet satisfying blend of genres. Art and music combine into a thrilling blend that you just want to keep listening to. Whether it be the catchy melodicism of “Our Feeling”, or the mysterious and powerful, “Shine”, beautifully produced, with its high quality, and sublime musicianship.

Simply put, by the time you hit play on the electronic euphoria of “Godly Energy” you have savored a stunning and evocative mix of songs that will have a huge impact on older listeners, who remember when music had a soul and songwriting was the key to making an impression, not fabricated hype and social media skills. The writing on this album is rhythmically advanced, and harmonically complex.

And whatever led Through Infinity to making this album is definitely something you should want to experience. Though guitars, bass lines, drum parts, keyboard ambiance, and all other instruments are played to perfection. This is not a show off band, they use their talent to make beautiful rhythms, textures and colors for the serious rock music fan.


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