Quinn Soular: “Halfway” – charisma and personality

Quinn Soular’s slick combination of RnB, Soul and Afrobeat-tinged instrumentation makes sure that he manages to find his own niche together with the sheer presence of his personality. His voice alternates between silky soulful smooth to rhapsodic and rasp, carrying both the tribulations of life with the glorious sweetness that love has put into it. The finished project is undoubtedly the product of an accomplished songwriter, singer and producer, as Quinn achieves a specifically unique sound. He sings with a passion that draws you in and intrigues you. He has a certain swagger when it comes to his approach and his lyrics. However, apparently he is not only a skilled singer, but also has excellent production skills, having produced his latest track, “Halfway”.

It’d be an understatement for me to say Quinn Soular has charisma and personality. It practically bleeds out of him when making music, and it’s all so genuine and endearing. He frames his narratives with enough maturity that this charisma is never overbearing, but rather one of many reasons to get enthralled in it all.

It doesn’t just sound like a young man originally from the Caribbean, living day to day. He actually displays that he’s lived a little bit of a life around the world – he effectively resides between the UK and Holland – and is applying his life experiences to the lyrics.

“Halfway” takes a look at a relationship where a couple has grown apart, but they still believe in the love they have for one another. However this calls for a compromise – or rather, meeting each other “Halfway”. The content is both relatable and believable.

And as a vocalist Quinn Soular has got excellent control, as well as a sticky and addictive melody. Quinn is a passionate force behind the mic oozing in personality and personable writing. He also selected some fantastic instruments to feature on the track, like the marimba sounds and djembe drums.

The song’s topic is matched brilliantly with the music, and on each sound Quinn approaches, he applies the care and craft of someone who loves what they’re doing. “Halfway” clearly has substance, and will stand strong in today’s cross-genre Soul, R&B and Rap market.

The song is the perfect gateway to nostalgic feel-good vibes and romantic melodies of yesteryear, and one which whets the appetite for what the future holds for Quinn Soular. A singer, songwriter, producer and all around creative, Quinn has delivered what will surely shoot him to international acclaim.

MORE ABOUT: Born on the Island of St. Maarten Quincy Adolphin aka Quinn Soular has his own music production company, QP (The Quinn Productions) with the slogan “QP on the Track, I Like That” and is in the process of producing for himself and for other great up-and-coming artists and well-known artists as well. He has also teamed up with Great Artist Records to release his next few singles as well as a full album very soon.


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