Murda Muk: “Welcome 2 Murda Land” – ambitious recording project!

Mississippi hip-hop artist Dantavious Singleton AKA Murda Muk has released his 13 track mixtape entitled “Welcome 2 Murda Land”. The recording features a large handful of features and a choice selection of producers. The result is a mixtape that leaves no musical stone unturned with a mix of stylistic flavors that captivate and enchant. Most hip-hop heads can easily rattle off dozens of singles that qualify as bona fide masterpieces, seminal songs that embody the best of the genre’s rich recorded canon to date. But ask them to name full mixtape or albums that fit the same bill, and that number invariably dwindles to no more than a few. The truth is, aside from some rare shining specimens of album or mixtape dynamism, most full project efforts—hip-hop or otherwise—nowadays typically fall victim to diminishing returns. This is largely due to the inevitable presence of superfluous filler fare, which constitutes little more than mediocre B-side type tracks.

Enter Murda Muk’s new mixtape “Welcome 2 Murda Land”, the Mississippi-bred, emcee’s ambitious recording project, which proves the exception to the rule outlined above. Beyond proving to be one of the most fully realized and smartly orchestrated underground hip-hop recordings, the 13-track mixtape is also unequivocally one of 2018’s finest full-length indie projects from southern hip-hop so far.

Murda Muk’s passion and devotion to the grind pays off here bigtime. Truly a recording that unfurls as a unified, cohesive whole despite featuring multiple producers, the disc is a hard-hitting, and sometimes contemplative expose of Murda Muk’s world.

Murda Muk kicks off the affair with his signature confidence and energy on the opening track, “Dairy Of A Street Nigga” ft Bandjo Butch (Prod By.TimmyDaHitMan), delivering some cogent political and social statements.

He then proceeds to practice what he preaches on the haunting, “Pain Away” ft. CandyMann (Prod By. J Cash) and the powerful “Black Power” (Prod By.Conscious Notes), where Murda Muk showcases his soulful singing. This is the most impressive singing rapper I’ve heard, alongside Anderson .Paak. Different voices, different styles, same talent.

But this mixtape is full of highlights like the edgy and urgent “Letter To Blocka” (Prod By. TimmyDaHitMan) or Mike Fidelis’ atmospheric, multi-textured soundscape on “Attempted Murda” on which Murda Muk lays down some fundamentals about living in the hood.

“All Over World” (Prod By. SpacedTime) is a smoothed-out track that displays Murda Muk’s lyrical and vocal dexterity to a tee. Whereas many tracks lean more heavily on the visceral dimensions of its Murda Muk lyricism, others like “My Moment” (Prod By. SpeakerBangerz x JTK) and “Welcome To MurdaLand” (Prod By. Sauce Beats) elevates his penchant for the soulful and the cerebral.

On “Welcome 2 Murda Land”, Murda Muk mines emotional depths and exorcises personal demons, as well as those that have plagued the nation for eternity, with a lucidity and sincerity seldom heard these days on contemporary hip-hop records. Whether or not this mixtape grants him the mainstream attention that he so rightfully deserves remains to be seen.

But regardless of how bright the spotlight shines on him in the months to come, it’s reassuring to know that Murda Muk is destined to embrace the vicissitudes of his personal, as well as community life, without compromising the purity and integrity inherent within his distinctive musical vision.




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