Lord Conrad: “Day After Day” – a clear sense of identity and purpose!

Italian Singer and Model, Lord Conrad impacted the music world last year with the release of his single and music video entitled ‘Touch the Sky’. It wasn’t just the artist’s dynamite-with-a-laser-beam voice that got him onto international radars: It was his engaging personality, his physical presence and charm, as well as his creative bravado. While his flamboyant style and angelic voice have garnered him quite the reputation and a growing base of loyal fans. Mixing the sounds of dance-club glamour and Top 40 pop, Lord Conrad excelled in captivating audiences with his exuberant performances, both on record and in the video of ‘Touch the Sky’ , which looked more like a lavish major label production than a wholeheartedly independent endeavor.

The video also starred the iconic fashion model, actress, and famed celebrity Elisa Pepe Sciarria who had the role of Lord Conrad’s girlfriend in the clip, adding even more zestful flavor to the project.

Now Lord Conrad is back with his brand new single “Day After Day” which sees the talented artist extending towards his full potential. Proving once again that he is extremely capable of creating pop-infused EDM songs tinged with elements of R&B, in this slower more introspective tune.

It is his sultry and powerful voice that seems to be designed for singing pop songs that fall somewhere between gleeful electro-pop, and sweet pop balladry which makes the artist so appealing to fans worldwide.

On “Day After Day”, Lord Conrad truly shines, delivering a vocal performance that never falters as he leaps from one note to another, before cutting in with a luscious chorus.

An extremely smooth and catchy track, its lyrics set the tone for the rising emotional temperature, as it delves deeper and deeper providing Lord Conrad’s most telling and musically dynamic work to date.  It is an impressive stand-out track about the loneliness of letting go of a relationship.

Lord Conrad’s lets his new found sense of self and maturity shine through.  And being both haunting instrumentally and raw lyrically, you instantly feel in the moment and fully understand every emotion felt to capture such a performance.

The most impressive thing about “Day After Day” is Lord Conrad’s focus on having a complete and moving song rather than just singing as many impressive notes as possible. This recognition shows that he has made the best of improving his craft into being more than just an audiovisual feast for the senses, but something that ignites the emotions.

The style used on “Day After Day” suits Lord Conrad well since it capitalizes on his vocal power and his flair for the dramatic, though in a more subdued way this time around.

This song impresses all the more as it sounds like the work of a passionate artist with a clear sense of identity and purpose. In terms of production “Day After Day” is very contemporary and it fits in with the sound of the rest of his music. This is another great shot for a successful single!


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