Deltiimo & Amba Tremain: “Boy If You Want My Love” – an anthemic and unforgettable floor-destroyer

The origins and ownership of the house music have been hotly debated since, well, always. House music is a lot things to a lot of people. It’s a feeling. It’s controllable desire you can own. While house can still be a little elusive, you’ll know it when you hear it. Born from a meeting of late 70’s and early 80’s technology — synths, drum machines, difficult-to-program sequencers and samplers — and the people using it, classic house is sought out for its soulful and unapologetic rawness, a far cry from the swaths of antiseptic House available today on Beatport. Beyond the sheer quality, there was a particular feel to the UK House music from the 90’s. A particular lushness and adventurism that characterized the transition period between the classic era and the millennial wave of new technology and new styles.

The insidious driving rhythm, rolling bassline, syncopated keyboards and soaring soulful vocals, add up to make the 90’s throwback track “Boy If You Want My Love” by Deltiimo & Amba Tremain, an anthemic and unforgettable floor-destroyer.

Lead by veteran British songwriter, lyricist and producer Gary Louca, Deltiimo is a music production team who have set their eyes upon releasing uplifting dance pop anthems. Collaborating with international singers, songwriters and producers, Deltiimo have been putting together a string of smash singles that have been filling up USA DJ playlists, and hitting N° 1 on the USA Kings of Spins Charts.

Featuring with Deltiimo on “Boy If You Want My Love” is Amba Tremain, a professional singer and musician for over 15 years. She began studying performing arts and musical theatre at Arts Ed in London, but at the age of 15 Amba formed her first rock band and has been in the popular music industry since.

With musical theatre performances at The London Palladium, Festival Hall and The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and classical vocal performances at The Vatican, under her belt, she soon moved into commercial music when she signed her first recording contract at 18.

Amba went on to appear on ITVs ‘This is my moment’ hosted by Mel B of the Spice Girls in 2001 and walked away the winner. Her recording credits include the album ‘Somewhere’ by the late Eva Cassidy, for which Amba was awarded a gold disc in the UK.

Together Deltiimo & Amba Tremain put together a nearly perfect 90’s melodic House blend on “Boy If You Want My Love”, giving the listener so much over its unforgettable playing duration: a hypnotic bassline, tough but playful drums, ecstatic strings, a spine-tingling buildup and a wonderful breakdown marked by smooth piano licks.

What is it about house music of the 90’s that is so emotive, so powerful and so effective that it can still cause stampedes onto the dance floor? Why are producers, like Deltiimo, still composing tunes with these aesthetics, and why are people still dancing to them?

 A quick listen to “Boy If You Want My Love” will tell you all you need to know. Turn it up, let it play all the way through and see what it does to you. Whilst there’s no doubt that today’s artists and producers are steadily carving out their own quality version of the house template and dance music generally is in good health, few can match the authenticity of longtime producer Gary Louca, his  Deltiimo project, and their list of collaborators.


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