Arius: “4U” – an infectious laid-back groove!

Managed by PKaldone, Arius is a 23 year old Detroit native, who moved to LA two years ago to pursue a music career. Arius who also writes for other artists beside herself, has done shows in LA, Miami, Detroit and ATL. She already has an EP out called “Pandora’s Box”, while she has just released the first single “4U” from her upcoming 2nd EP titled “Reality”. On the new single, the singer/songwriter has crafted a formula that blends her personal passions and struggles into a blast of contagious, natural energy, something that will keep fans coming back for more.

Arius welcomes the question of who she is and reflects on her relationships and goals, synthesizing her romantic identity onto the song. Feeding someone love is one of life’s greatest gifts, but fueling and invigorating someone with newfound energy, can be painful when it is misused and unrequited.

“I don’t want to do this every night. I’m sick and tired of all the things you do. You lie to me, you lie to me. I don’t want to admit I was a fool for you. I didn’t know what to do. Just know I was a fool for you,” sings Arius. It is primarily a soul record with the majority of the song rooted in a strong bass arrangement and subtle keyboard flourishes.

Certainly, the production does a fine job in bringing a rootsy warmth to the classic Soul and R&B vibe set in a modern sound. More importantly, Arius’ highly expressive voice commands the beat like she has been doing it all her life.

Arius is responsible for giving “4U”, out via MafiaSoul Records LLC, its soulful snap. If it’s true that this technological music world has become cluttered with many-a-chancer who has tried their hand at creating a vintage soul sound only to come up clutching nothing but cheap, tacky cliches, then Arius’ smoky, sultry voice has an authenticity that can’t be faked.

Her pipes turn the laid-back groove into an infectious, melodic banger, and her breathy vocals bring an understated, almost melancholic sensuality, to an openly heartfelt narrative.

It’s that knack for heart-to-heart shape-shifting that gives “4U” its distinctive flavor. Throughout the track Arius’ voice is the top draw-card, going from strength to strength, the depth of its scrumptious yearning airiness, grows richer and more alluring.

Here she attempts to address basic human needs in relationships, and to nourish the heart and soul in every sense with a track that emphasizes the organic and the authentic. And she succeeds wonderfully.

In this sense, the lyrics of “4U” is a demonstration of how the narrator has gotten back in touch with, and in control of, her life. The scope of the song’s self-awareness easily translates to everyone it touches, thereby slipping beneath the remarkable relatability of its lyrics and doling out soulful fare with a powerful meaning in the process. It is simply empowering, uplifting, and truthful!


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