DaSkeeT: “Live Life, Have Fun” – an aural nitrous boost!

Music is the language of the soul. No matter what culture you are from or the language that you speak, music is something that can be understood and enjoyed by all of us. Music is also an amazing thing in that the right inspiring lyrics, or motivational songs can give you a kick in the backside; provides a quick pick me up to motivate you to accomplish your goals; or just be a reminder about appreciating the beauty of the world that we live in and provides that little lift that we occasionally need to acknowledge the gift of life itself.

“Life is all about living and having fun, don’t take it for granted,” says DaSkeeT, who dedicated his latest track “Live Life, Have Fun” specifically to Cathy, Bekah and all others who have fought through cancer. Much can be said about what this song ultimately represents, but the reason why this track is so good is because of what it actually inspires.

DaSkeeT – a project by Roscoe Hanner – has created a slow to mid-tempo electro-pop anthem dominated by warm resonating pianos and an urgent and breathy vocal delivery. The choruses are interspersed with inspirative vocal chants and uplifting chord progressions, while the verses are somber and intimately understated before the bridges build up to a soaring roar.

The entire atmosphere is one that motivates us into action, that reminds us about the beauty of life, that reminds us of our true worth and potential, and that lifts us up towards new heights. This is the anthem that needs to be played from high noon to dawn.

“Live Life, Have Fun” will get in your bone marrow and thrill, sometimes even more so with each listen. If DaSkeeT’s determined tone and impeccable delivery doesn’t stir something up inside, his instant quotables will: “Life I’m living, wish I could do it twice. Soak it up just like rice,” or “Life and love, I fuse it. Heal your heart, no one can bruise it.”

It’s the type of legendary shit that’s contagious, which is probably why DaSkeeT is spitting some of the greatest rhymes of his life. The hook lines are relevant and will get any red-blooded human pumped. It is the type of mantra that leads people to understand that living life to the fullest can be both galvanizing and electrifying. Don’t waste it.

“Live Life, Have Fun” is also crucial by its instrumental alone. Those massive dubstep-type synth buildups are the very sound of triumph. It’s all very overbearing, but oddly inspiring at the same time. You want to step up and turn the volume louder, every time the song hits those points.

It’s a powerful feeling. This beat is the type that turns winters to summers, boys to men, and makes listeners focus on the important sentiments in life. When those synths and banging drums come in, it’s time to get ready for shit to go down. DaSkeeT couldn’t have captured a better sense of upliftment and inspiration. Use this one wisely for an aural nitrous boost!


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