Dough Boyy: “Nah Mean” flexes his growth

Brooklyn born and raised, but now residing in Phoenix, Dante “Dough Boyy” Campbell is an independent rap/hip-hop artist. After a year of making contacts and performing in several local shows to get the Arizona music scene and culture familiar with his name and face, he has also been working tirelessly on his upcoming mixtape which will be titled “Coast to Coast Vol.1”. And to keep the anticipation building for the release of his new project, he releases a brand new single, entitled “Nah Mean” which is now available across on all major digital music platforms.  Dough Boyy raps with the hunger of an unsigned artist but the confidence of an artist that knows his time is coming.

You can tell that he wanted to flex his growth as an emcee on this one and I think he’s done an excellent job at that. I don’t think this is the best we’re going to hear from him either, as he’s got even more room for growth. With his lyricism, ear for beats and songwriting on this track, the sky’s the limit for this dude.

Dough Boyy’s hard-hitting vocals and precision across the bass-filled beat brings back the vibe of 90’s and early 00’s hip-hop with a modern twist. When it comes to real, raw and in-your-face hip-hop, Dough Boyy is a specialist in it. His raps are uncut and unforgiving to the point where you realize he is an artist who could care less about the mainstream rapper.

The artist blends the perfect mixture of New York street rap and the West Coast groove influence into one project. Unlike the current pool of rappers Dough Boyy remains one of a few that spit about real life in a graphical and raw form using his clever word play and his intelligence to tell a story that is biographical to his life journey.

Dough Boyy’s style of rapping and his lyrical ability is what sets him apart from today’s popular rappers, those who are part of the new wave sounding change of Hip Hop. Dough Boyy is a blend of thought-provoking, wit and self-confidence reminiscent of the golden era of Hip-Hop.

In the overcrowded hip-hop marketplace, his unflinching artistry deserves an audience. The meaning behind this song is basically Dough Boyy saying it’s impossible for you to ignore him now. His talk is so authentic you’ll feel like you are right there with him surrounded by backwoods and henny.

Dough Boyy is one of the better storytelling rappers in the underground game right now. Even without a visual, I can still vividly see this entire going down as Dough Boyy paints the picture well with his lyrics.

This though, is just an appetizer to his eventual upcoming mixtape, which as of writing has no set release date yet. “Nah Mean” does serve as an amazing step forward in the rapper’s career, and — for those just joining in — an introduction to any hype you’ve been hearing about the Phoenix residing creative.


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