Swisha T: “Hope” – suffused with existentialist concern

Since the age of 18, Swisha T has been on the grind nonstop in the hip-hop industry. The Canadian-born artist has roots in both Detroit, MI – where he grew up between the ages of 6 to 14 – and Ottawa, where he currently resides. Swisha T has been on a multi-city tour with Method and Redman and has shared stages with major names such as French Montana, Big Sean, MGK, Odd Future, Wu Tang Clan, and many more. He is currently in collaboration with the Diamond Mine Agency bringing sold out shows to Canada, making moves in Hollywood, California, releasing more music and features, and gaining international recognition among fans.

The artist is also achieving serious traction with his single, “Hope”. Swisha T shows plenty of versatility on his tracks. The way he switches up his flow is amazing. One minute he’s singing, the next he’s rapping. On this latest cut, he leans more on his rapping skills, but still manages to show off his melodic twists.

There’s a melancholic current in his delivery on “Hope”, which is countered by a compellingly understated chorus, giving the song an air of true creative art. The track not only makes for a worthy listen but encapsulates what makes this artist so enjoyable.

The commanding hook, emphatic flow, and grounded but emotionally charged lyrics, all come together to create an extremely entertaining song. Essentially, “Hope” is a listen that can serve as an introduction and as consolidation of his talents at the same damn time.

The lyrics are focused, candid, and accurate, as Swisha T’s voice is unmistakably suffused with existentialist concern: “I’m sick of being manipulated by the system. I just wish that God would listen. Mama called me crying yesterday. She said she had a dream that I was killed in.”

And then he subsequently flows into a deeper analysis: “Lately I’ve been feeling disconnected. Maybe it’s the drugs of this depression. All my hopes and dreams have been affected. Maybe God is teaching me a lesson.” The track is the realization of all the demons and frustration pondered in his mind, and surrounding his daily living conditions.

“Hope” showcases a unique combination of confessional candor, unflagging conscience, and a gift for sustaining captivating melodies. Swisha T is making himself heard, pouring his whole self into his verses, as he mixes bitter reflections with pinch of optimism, finding hope and solace in his music.

It is an understated tour de force – the music is warm and smooth, the beat slow, but a sense of strength persists throughout the entire cut. As the narrative draws to a close, the image we’re left with is of someone fully aware of his status, and above all honest: anguished, yet hopeful enough to advance towards new sounds and new words.

It’s evident that with each release, Swisha T completes a quantum leap in music. When the Canadian rapper hits his mark, it’s like watching a poetic stream of consciousness unfurl in real-time. “Hope” is the beating heart of Swisha T’s art. Smart production and moving lyrical work award the single’s unwavering talk a persuasive measure of depth. The effect is hypnotic and technically catapults Swisha T into the upper echelons of the game.


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