Syzl Lytnin: “H8taBlockaz” is genuinely thrilling and potent!

Tearra “Syzl Lytnin” McCray has been working on her brand and craft for the past 7 years. With the experience of her old environment of constant hate, negativity, and betrayal she decided to use her brand as a platform to lift herself up while promoting her brand and utilizing her slogan, “Look good and feel great!” As a result, she took her brand from the hood straight to Hollywood and it has successfully taken off ever since. She wanted all of her fans and others to know that if she can do it, you can too! Syzl Lytnin has dropped her hip-hop anthem, “H8taBlockaz” and she is keen to point out that H8taBlockaz is not just a song or a brand, it’s a lifestyle. The track is an onslaught of attitude, wit and beat, elevated by Syzl Lytnin’s playfully direct style. It’s a bouncy affair as bright and brash as her Instagram feed, but buoyed by music of considerable dexterity and original invention.

The biggest thrill, though, is just how emphatically Syzl Lytnin creates her own persona, which is completely distinct from those of previous female rappers. She doesn’t pander to the mainstream, she just wants to communicate how much fun it is to be doing what she’s doing – a goal achieved with hard rhymes and a swagger.

She leans into her take-no-prisoners persona on “H8taBlockaz” – a confrontational and club banger in which she stridently owns her femininity and style.

Syzl Lytnin understands what her current rap peers do not: the power of conciseness. Her delivery style at best gives delicious little tongue-twisters, enhanced by a distinctive accent. The brash vitality of the way Syzl Lytnin spits is genuinely thrilling and potent, while the content of her bars is focused and gets straight to point.

She has no time for haters. Indeed, femininity often has to be weaponized in order for women in the rap game to rise up. So Syzl Lytnin comes to the table fully armed to destroy the regular hip-hop tropes.

“H8taBlockaz” finds the female rapper cleverly shaping her own future and – hopefully – carving out a path that continues to usher female emcees into the limelight. Syzl Lytnin’s verses are the highlight in the track, as she never misses a chance to be sound compelling.

Her constant flaunting of her brand is undoubtedly reflective of her business mindset. There doesn’t seem to be anyone pulling her strings here, as the through line seems to be Syzl Lytnin herself. The promise of what is manifesting in her, and what she portends, is clearly felt on this track.

For better or worse, this track points to being her own singular vision and that’s something not a lot of female artists can say about their music. “H8taBlockaz” is an inescapable vortex of enthusiasm and a document of the young Los Angeles-based creative on the come up. Taken as metaphor, Syzl Lytnin seems to be here to encourage you to be you, and live how you want to.


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