Last Chance Riders: “Jet Lag Super Drag” – a lean, mean rock machine !

Inspired by The Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Janis Joplin and David Bowie – the Atlanta based band Last Chance Riders plays original music and stays busy constantly writing new material. The core band formed at a charity festival in Dahlonega, GA. Later in 2018 DeWitt Thompson (Guitar), John Woods (Guitar) and Jim Martin (Bass), joined forces with drummer, Shane Denmark and vocalist, Jessie Albright. Self-financed, the band went into Sonica Studios with award winning producer John Briglevich, to put together eight songs including the single, “Downright Disgusted”, for the album “Jet Lag Super Drag”.

The album really sparks some great music, with the band reinforcing their aggressive approach and finding inspiration and full belief in what they were laying down. And it shows. This is a lean, mean rock machine of an album, with Albright’s voice getting a true showcase, Thompson and Woods getting a chance to lay down some wicked licks and the rhythm section of Martin and Denmark delivering seriously swaggering beats.

That said, it’s obvious that they’re blues lovers, too, and although delivered in fiery, balls-to-the-wall power, the core blues trademarks weave its way through their songs. From the crunching opening riffs of “Downright Disgusted” to the closing funky groove of “Nicotine” you can feel the energy pulsing through this album.

“Under Your Skin” may be one of the best tracks exemplifying their fully fleshed out swagger. Jessie Albright’s lament lets her arena-ready voice soar, while the guitar breakdowns and fiery solos add a great touch to the burning rhythm. “Barricade” adds extra pep in its step, which is bolstered noticeably by a rolling bassline.

There are other standouts as well, like “Heart On A Chain” which is bolstered noticeably by some swampy ZZ Top guitars and catchy vocals. The emotionally-infused glory of “Lucky One” is a live-show anthem waiting to happen. And there’s something wrong if your head is not bobbing along with some attitude upon hearing the bouncy Americana melody on “Valley Below”.

We’d also be remiss for not mentioning the other key track. “Tidal Wave”, which is arguably one of the grooviest tracks on the album. And perhaps the most personal and moving song in the collection. Jessie Albright’s soul baring confessions slowly picks up steam and becomes a chugging rocker complete with a soaring chorus and fierce and downright dirty guitar solo.

“Jet Lag Super Drag” is a fitting album for Last Chance Riders, who take a firm grip on their roots, elaborating and expanding on what they want them to become. Intense guitar riffs with big dual guitars, strong and faithful vocals, a forceful and driving rhythm section, plus solos with a blistering runs, all of which add layers and color to the songs.

All of which means that Last Chance Riders will soon be making the leap into the big leagues. Solidifying their reputation, “Jet Lag Super Drag” is the album that will firmly put them on the map. It is the perfect album to send you back into a world that you know desperately needs more outstanding rock and roll.


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