New Releases From California Trio Chile Colorado

Chile Colorado: the super-tight, powerful and inventive three piece rock band from Monterey, California, have released a new video for their track Robot Baby. The track is a slightly funkier, groovier piece than their previous release, the wistful, reflective guitar/keyboard cut, Take Me Back.

Even with it’s somewhat harder edge and full band performance, the song is still sleek and smooth, with sophisticated, evocative guitar by band mainstay Ron Wright who also contributes the hypnotic, almost chant-like vocals. All of this sits atop shimmering keyboards and locked in bass and drums. There’s an interesting hint of the modern version of Deep Purple in the new song, with Wright’s vocals a little Ian Gillan-esque in tone, and his guitar work both intricate and soulful like that of Steve Morse.

The new music follows the band’s seven track debut album, Getting Restless, which dropped in 2016. Since then they had great success with last year’s bluesy rock ballad, Fast Woman’s Lovin, which featured a triumphant guest vocal from former TOTO frontman Bobby Kimball. That song burst into Spotify’s ‘Best Of Electric Blues’ playlist – no surprise as it slips from Kimball’s impassioned vocal to Wright’s slinky, stirring melodic guitar solo which he then ramps up into a flurry of scorching fretwork.

Take Me Back, meanwhile has over 200,000 views on YouTube while Robot Baby is making inroads on FM radio stations across the US. The band have also received international airplay in the UK, France and elsewhere. Showing their versatility the trio also released the hard-rockin, politically motivated song No Bull in 2017 which hit #3 on Banks Radio Australia last November.

Check out the video for Robot Baby here:

For Take Me Back’s video featuring clips of Bora Bora about which the piece was written, go to:

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