Far From Final: “Crossing The Sun” relies on incredibly dynamic passages

The Birmingham, AL based rock band Far From Final have released their latest album entitled “Crossing The Sun” via the BMI affiliated publishing company, String Side Music.  W. A. Wyatt, the founder of the band, joined up with Ben Trexel of Ben Trexel Studios in Birmingham to produce the album. Each song was re-produced and later mastered by Brian “Gibbs” of Tool Shed Studios in Morgan Hill, CA. “Crossing The Sun”, a work loud and soft, intense and soothing, and in its emotional intimacy, is an album that must be experienced, and is ultimately a far cry from today’s corporate rock. The complexity, lyrical eloquence, and grand scope of this album are nothing short of amazing when taking into account the fact that this is an independent release. And the credit goes to the project leader behind Far From Final, the writer and composer of the songs, the brilliant front-man W. A. Wyatt  a veritable rock shaman influenced by 80’s and 90’s heavy guitar riffs and high powered melodies.

The key to enjoying “Crossing The Sun” lies in the bands balanced musicianship, crisp production and clear payoffs. First of all, the real stars of the show revealed to be the drums and guitar work. Both showcase a chemistry that’s masterful and there is never a point where they show off to the point of self-indulgence.

Everything sounds as if it’s the perfect amount of heaviness, which gives it purpose and power. The opener “Exhale” weaves everything together in a perfect package, showcasing powerful blend of technicality and rocking grit. The same goes for the hard-hitter “Cover Is Blown” and the title track “Crossing The Sun”.

The latter is an ideal single because it’s accessible, starting off with jangling acoustic guitars and potent amounts of energy which lead to a soaring vocal track. This carries over into the rest of the album and “Reasons” in particular. It grips the listener whether the riffs and drums are pummeling through the mix or branching out for brief yet expertly placed atmospheric sections.

It’s these atmospheric sections that give Far From Final a much needed tweak in sound. “Illusions” starts out with another surprising acoustic guitar intro and lets the vocals shine brightly. It pays off with a slow burning build up as the atmosphere swells. It’s one of the most rewarding and refreshing tracks on the album. The echoing sounds of “Otherside Of The World” allows everyone to let loose, including the vocal harmonies and the fiery lead guitar.

By the time you press play on the free-spirited “Risky Ways”, it becomes clear that somehow, Far From Final has done something most bands struggle to do their entire careers. They’ve defined themselves; carving a style and sound that’s not only fresh and classic, but layered with the polish that comes only after the release of a bucketful of albums and years of experience.

Of course, technical proficiency does not equal quality. But fear not, because song writing never takes a back seat. The songs rely on incredibly dynamic passages that can change from the gut-wrenchingly powerful to heart-tuggingly beautiful.

“Prison On The Road” and “Time Always Flies” belongs to the former category and comes out of the box flying, while “Volcano Sunset” slides comfortably into the latter grouping. Heavy on fleshed-out instrumentation and well done harmonies, “Crossing The Sun” is a testament of how amazing Far From Final can be and as soon as the record comes on, the listener can easily get lost in its soaring atmospheres.


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