N.S Noble Savage – “iPhone Trap” has a distinct sound!

Songwriter and Rap Artist N.S Noble Savage (Carlos Ruelas) was born in Santa Rosa, California (East L.A.), and raised in Racine, Wisconsin. N.S was introduced to hip-hop by the nineties era and people like Biggie, 2Pac, Eminem, DMX and more. His first CD was Nelly’s Country Grammar, which was a gift from his father. However he was inspired to immerse himself into the craft by the Lil’ Wayne era of albums and mixtapes. N.S has currently released a new single, entitled “iPhone Trap”, as well as a beat tape called “Pious” which can be purchased directly from his website.

The minute you plug the single in, it becomes clear that N.S has a distinct sound. The production is very dry, not over produced at all. It’s actually almost out of the ordinary for beats to consist of solely bass, drums and keys, as most rappers try and hide their lyrical and flowing deficiencies with overblown productions

Instead N.S Noble Savage  just tastefully runs a simple beat without being over-complex, which works very well with his understated rapping, which by the way is fantastic. His delivery is good, as he doesn’t try to spit very fast but makes you feel the strength of every word, while entrancing you with the song’s atmosphere.

He transcribes his emotions into the music perfectly, colored by a sort of distresses moodiness. N.S’s emotions paint an angry picture, but a beautiful one all the same, a standout track to say the least.

“iPhone Trap” is minimalistic by today’s bombastic standards, but it lifts N.S’ performance to three dimensional places that could otherwise have come across as lost on a noisy fleshed out soundscape. Musically, N.S is progressing smoothly towards the realm of his own lane.

He is driving his music in a logical direction, leading to a clean open sounding environment for the songs to develop easier. It’s all nicely constructed and you’re never left feeling like a song wasn’t properly thought out.

Taking into considering, both “iPhone Trap”, as well as the beat tape “Pious”, N.S’ rhymes, beats, samples and overall passion are excelling in every way. N.S Noble Savage is the real deal. I have listened to his other songs and see a progression of quality and talent.

Moreover, if you listen closely to this latest track, you will hear the raw talent in this venture that will put N.S into the upper echelons of the independent rapper-producer categories.

Follow N.S – Noble Savage for updates on new music and production beats at his WEBSITE or on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

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