AutoCharm: “Imminent Destiny” – a fantastic collection of highly glossed songs

From Glasgow, Scotland in the UK, AutoCharm are a three piece production team who write and produce their own music from their recording studio in Motherwell. Ex-Polygram artists, David Fotheringham, Phil O’Shea and Dougie McAuley, fuse together electronics with real instrumentation to create a blend of Nu-Disco, Soul and Funky Jazz. Formerly known as Green Isaac, before taking a long hiatus, they are now back with a brand new album, entitled “Imminent Destiny”, released via the Rubber Taxi Record label. Very rarely does one come across an album with tracks so rhythmic, so delectable, and so groovy, that it simply occupies and becomes a part of the space that is your media player. From beginning to end, listeners will be amazed by the richness of the vocals and the lusciousness of the instrumentals. Each song is finely crafted, well performed and well produced by AutoCharm.

The vocals are unique and memorable, while the instrumentals will bring you into a whole other stratosphere. Listen to it while you commute, listen to it after dinner, listen to it with a good book, move to it across the dancefloor – it somehow seems perfect for any situation and will never fail to stir something inside of you.

The album has an inherent quality that these songwriters have infiltrated into their tunes: its pure music, not just soundscapes. But it’s modern, and it’s hip in its retro way – cool, refreshing and beautiful. What makes “Imminent Destiny” such a stellar album is its fantastic collection of highly glossed songs that hypnotically draw you into a blissful state of groove.

Eclectic and smooth sounds all in various rhythmic deviations will surely get the music lover going with this album. The minute they kick with in their version of Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Bottle”, the resonant vocals, and an entrancing instrumental make AutoCharm unparalleled in this genre blend.

“She Loves The Music” is another great tune with distinct, flowing chord progressions, and loaded with incredible vocal harmonies. It reaches out to weave a lush, warm and nearly hypnotic spell on your senses.

It is rare to find an album which delivers excellence in every track, but this one just keeps on rolling the goodies out. “Can You Feel The Need” comes out banging on a bass drum beat before the basslines swivel and swerve view thrusting the song into overdrive.

Overall, “Imminent Destiny” is a well-rounded musical experience that draws from disco and electronica influences while being consistently engaging and innovative. “Run To Sun” rides in on wistful and warm keys, understated vocal and a throbbing bassline, as it compels your attention at every moment. The rousingly strummed guitar chords and high resolution bass, together with the synths on “Keep it Down” provide those moments where the trio displays that indefinable retro-futurism that makes their music so unique in today’s scene.

Chilled out horns, twinkling keys and mellifluous vocals prop up the widescreen soundscape on “Kick Back”. The title track, “Imminent Destiny” hides behind a deceptively slick production and soulful vocals that reach up into the higher register. It is, at its best, pretty magnificent.

The luxuriously re-imagined disco of “Movin On”, is an effortlessly constructed piece of calibrated dance music, gleaming from every perceivable angle like a precision cut diamond hit by a strobe. By the time the final track, “Only Love Will Set You Free” kicks in, it is clear that no record released in any similar genre this year is capable of surpassing the sheer technical wizardry and eye-popping grandeur of “Imminent Destiny”, but AutoCharm do much more on this album than show off the magic that can happen with proper, disciplined use of a recording studio.

These are 9 show-stopping songs, built on pulse-quickening arrangements and subsequent hypnotic vocals, which is a mesmerizing summation of AutoCharm’s creative evolution to this point. This will keep you dancing all through the festive season and well into the New Year!


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