The Keymakers: “Insomniac” – musical talent and flexibility

Within this past year, The Keymakers have continued to deliver singles without hesitation which we have taken into our hearts and held close. These two brothers are truly men made up of so many pieces of experience and talent. Their sound rests within the EDM-infused contemporary R&B category, and takes its time to show you that each piece of their work can make you feel more, see through a new lens, and even give yourself more room to grow.   Their latest single, “Insomniac” brings us to meet our musical heroes at yet another point in their journey – one that is recognizing of their talents for a gutful of reasons more than just timbre and mood. In a song that narrates painful longing and sleepless nights from a lover’s point of view, elder brother Rome Alexander introduces his alto sax into the arrangement. “I’ve played the sax since I was a kid and love the pure emotion it evokes. We’ve been searching for an authentic way to introduce live sax into our sound and we believe that it really fits the mood and vibe we wanted to create with ‘Insomniac'”, said Rome.

“Rome playing the sax over top of the grimier electronic production really makes us feel as though this track has its own signature sound, which is what we’re going for,” said Rederic, the younger brother in the duo.

Once again, The Keymakers go for the soft, mellifluous delivery style which gives their songs both a soothing and seductive sound. The also drop a little something extra for the choruses in terms of attitude and pointed falsetto style that makes those sections stand out against other parts of the song.

The lyrics are solid and give a something more to the good sounds than just empty platitudes.  There are no clichés here, and there is some interesting phrasing as well and the earnestness of the vocals helps them be delivered in a captivating way.

The words have poetic feel at times but never go overboard, making for something that feels unique to the artist without being obtuse the audience. This really is a good listen and one that will sneak up on you with just how good it is.  We have now listened to this eagerly a few times over the past couple of days and it never gets old.

Full of sultry vocals that flow over a seductive beat, “Insomniac” is nothing short of hypnotic. The song features a heavy use of synthesizers, minimalistic drum loops and delicate key riffs. Woven into this musical backdrop is the smooth and fluid vocals, filled with breathy vocalizations and raw sentiment.

The dream-like melodic pattern with silky waves of lyrics and phrases is interspersed with Rome’s moody alto sax. With its surprising vocal twists and relaxing instrumental, this track displays The Keymakers’ musical talent and flexibility and is perhaps another foresight to their future releases.

It is rare to find unpretentious and genuine R&B vocalists in today’s fickle age, but Rome and Rederic prove that they can maintain both their musical heritage and modern appeal with an innovative sound that is continuously developing. “Insomniac” definitely deserves a couple of full listens, and mellowing out to this conceptual musical journey is well worth the time.

MORE ABOUT THE KEYMAKERS: Under the direction of Jesse Christophr and the AMAG artist collective, founded and headed by industry leader Anshuman “AM” Sharma, Rome Alexander and Rederic have been developing their artistry while writing and producing for others – which has included traveling each month to both Miami and Toronto for studio sessions with other talented musicians and producers. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, the two brothers now live together in Boston. Though very close from an early age, they worked on music almost completely independently from each other until 2016. This is the new chapter of their story.


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