Zigg Theartist: “Dreaming In Color” – immediate fire!

Zigg Theartist is an artist from Philadelphia who has hit some of the most legendary stages in the Tri State area. His newest project which is the Ep, entitled “Dreaming In Color”, was released November 7th and has been receiving great feedback.  Much of that has to do with his presentation. Through both his honest-to-goodness riveting narratives and his sharply focused metaphors, Zigg is exhilarating, using his high-energy flow to plow him through the jack-hammering tracks, as well as the R&B-leaning moments. He rarely stays in one place long enough to bore or fall victim to any redundancy.

“Dreaming In Color” proves that he is as smooth a rapper as there is working today. He’s got the immediate fire, carefully regimented rhymes and the intricate flow when he wants. There are moments of greatness from Zigg here, and as a whole it is a well-built record.

Zigg Theartist’s street-ready imagery comes off as grittily realistic, befitting his artistic persona. This position and Zigg’s irrepressible charisma allows him to range freely between hard-hitting stories and breezier material.

I think that this is one of Zigg Theartist best projects to date. Not only does the EP have bangers like “Ego” and “All These Flashing Light” as well as introspective and inspirational songs like “Connect” and “Fyeo”. It truly reveals Zigg’s growth as an artist, especially because it presents a timeline of events that lead us to his current state.

With this incredibly  powerful collection of songs, Zigg shows us how he’s gotten to where he is and the lessons he’s learned in the process. For years artists have used music as an outlet to express creative ambitions and life experiences. Zigg Theartist is just carrying on that legacy here.

On “6 Rings” Zigg opts for a more steady composition with a flow suitable for a night out at the club. The hook is quite catchy and the way he spreads out his lyrics makes it easy to follow and relatable. Here he is given plenty of room and full control of the song’s pacing.

Bolstered by swelling bassline, Zigg clearly delivers his message of perseverance and determination. Almost all of the songs on this EP many follow a steady, mid-tempo beat, which Zigg Theartist uses to reign in the listener’s attention to more substantial, complex lyrics.

“Dreaming In Color” signifies purpose for the rapper, and his ambition for the album is notable. It surely introduces listeners to a rapper who can deliver compacted bar filled lyricism, which will enthrall audiences immediately.

Throughout this entire EP, Zigg manages to deliver everything hip-hop heads and rap enthusiasts could ask for from banging production, to the sharp lyricism and cadence of Zigg Theartist’s flow. Zigg will be around for years to come and this EP solidifies his status as an artist currently on fire. Zigg Theartist brought the heat on every song.


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