Razzie: “Pu**y Power” displays energy and charisma

Before you listen to Razzie, throw out any preconceived notions about what being a rapper means or how a rap record should sound. He is one who cannot be boxed in with labels and stereotypes — he is a genre-busting, new age artist who bounces from one sound to the next with ease. Within the past few years, the culture of rap music has shot into diverse directions. The pool of young rappers is getting massive day by day, with the help of streaming services like SoundCloud helping to draw in millions of fans. Many artists have found success with their distinct appearances and seemingly indecipherable lyrics marinated by gritty trap beats, and sweet and sticky auto-tuned vocals.

Originally part of the Hot Topik crew, Razzie, is a rap artist based in Miami, FL, who later decided to work on his solo career.  The rapper who has been honing his skills since the age of 14, released his brand new club banger, “Pu**y Power” on Nov 28th, 2018. The song is dedicated to strong independent women who don’t mind having a little fun.

The beat is sunny, the hook is melodic and Razzie displays energy and charisma. “Pu**y Power” is an example of the rapper maintaining his creative sensibilities and blending pop and rap in a distinct and fresh way, like many of his well-known contemporaries. Razzie’s ability to liven up the instrumental is wondrous.

His lyricism isn’t too complex, instead, it’s passionate and suitable for what he’s trying to accomplish. His breathless flows and magnetic control of cadence sharpens and crystallizes the atmosphere. “Pu**y Power” invokes suspenseful story-telling for a new age.

Lyrical rap is at odds with new age’s trap beat catalog. Mixing the two just seems like such a hard thing to do. But this is up Razzie’s alley. His rhymes continue his masterful control of flow that makes his share of the track endlessly interesting to listen to. The banging beat does the rest.

On “Pu**y Power”, Razzie seems fixed on dissociating himself from the mumble rap categorization by showing that he is a formidable emcee, and does so by carrying his own weight through the track. The track has Razzie in his element, displaying his musical talents in a far more diverse approach than that of his contemporaries.

Razzie vocals add an air of originality to the track which was enough to keep me along for the ride. I also found myself over confidently screeching – “She got pussy power. Now she feeling power.” I’m sure it was quite uncomfortable for anyone who was close enough to my office to hear. But hey, this is the new age!

Expect this to be playing at strip clubs across the nation in no time. I look forward to seeing where Razzie can evolve to over the next few years as he matures and further develops his sound. “Pu**y Power” is original, emotional and genre bending


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