Whiteout: “No Control” – an all-embracing sound

Josh Thomas aka Whiteout is a 26 year old musician/producer living in Denver Colorado. His ability to create catchy hooks and melodies is what makes him one of the more interesting figures in the underground music industry right now. His quintessential Pop inspired melodic rap sound is proudly on display in his new release, “No Control”, and is successfully and aptly utilized. He has a specific style of music but makes sure it pertains to modern day cultural, relationship and social issues. Which is something I feel makes Whiteout standout from other artists. In an alarmingly homogenized pop-radio landscape, where each and every new hit is a soothing puree of trap, EDM, glossy R&B, and some indie quirk ,  Whiteout’s workmanlike productions and vocals, neither too clunky nor too distinct, fits in, while also managing to stand out.

Matching a piano-driven beat with melodic emo verses and anthemic pop hooks that fill the soundscape, this is rap music of sweeping acoustics and high-art sheen. It is interestingly infectious; not in a typical rap way, but in a way that is both engaging and fresh.

“No Control” doesn’t just draw you in, it grabs a hold and yanks you into Whiteout’s narrative – a place in which you’re at the mercy of his voice. Uplifting lyrics aside, the composition of resonant, raw melody and the organically layered backing track is calculated and even, leaving you feeling elevated. The all-inclusive approach Whiteout takes for much of his work feels fluid and varied enough to never feel tiresome.

Clearly Whiteout is rap and hip-hop inclined, but he also seems to have a deeper alternative side. The acoustics and sincerity coming out of the artist’s tone in this track make it feel much more personal and relatable.

There is reason to believe that for all of his fidelity to the hip-hop world right now, it’s easy to imagine him being able to change lanes at any time in his career. As he has the sort of all-embracing sound and songwriting style that wouldn’t seem out of place in any genre he fitted them into. Listen to how comfortable he sounds in diverse songs like “Get My Money”, “Outsider” and “Blessings”.

The keen ear for melody Whiteout incorporates into the entirety of his music is so enthralling that it’s hard not to get lost in it. Both the voice and the music flow so effortlessly, as the mesmerizing haze of his songs slowly begin to take over.

They represent the confidence that Whiteout obviously had in making the songs he wanted to make, even if the lyrics, the heartfelt singing, or music productions dip into areas that would be considered outside of the regular genre boundaries.

But that’s what artists like Whiteout are important to the industry for – making sure that rap music doesn’t sink in its own stagnant waters. He’s part of a handful of new wave artists, who haven’t forgotten how rap’s intrinsic legacies started out.


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