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Put simply there are some singers who, regardless of their technical ability, sound like they could be singing their shopping lists instead of baring their souls. Then there are others who bring you in, make you feel they mean it, and forge an emotional link to the listener. Ghana is firmly in the latter group. Her voice is of course flawless – she could make a statue come to life. It entirely fitting then that these elements combine as one on “Silence The Dread”, her latest single, both beautiful and desperately needing to be heard. In Ghana’s work, the message is as important as the music. It’s a musical philosophy she partly inherits from a genre that strives to speak the truth. Teaming up with acclaimed Producer Dale Virgo of DZL Records, she hits that perfect balance of music and message on “Silence The Dread”.

Here Ghana focuses her attention on those who fail to treat black woman with love, honor, and respect; abusive men and even those who witness these appalling events without reporting them. She tells victims not to hide in fear anymore, and calls for self-awareness among victims. Ghana clearly sets herself up as a shapeshifting musical and literary being that will touch souls with her fierce passion and authentic creativity.

I think the power of “Silence The Dread”, and why it will resonates with listeners, is manifold: Chiefly, here is a woman telling her truths, boldly laying her thoughts bare. That sort of articulation of courage in a misogynistic environment, will always resonate.

The employment of Reggae, Afrobeats, Trap, and Dub influences, by a brilliant, gorgeous, chocolate-brown woman who commits herself to both commentary and confrontation, sets her apart from many of her colleagues and peers.

Right away, listening to “Silence The Dread”, you see how it occupies the space in between the aforementioned styles, borrowing from all, and creating a new lane between them. That is really powerful. It’s amazing when you can make something that takes the genre to another level, but that is also affecting at the same time.

There’s not enough discussion of these themes in popular music, especially urban music, where violence, anger, and revenge dominate. Ghana brings a serious discussion to the table and she does it powerfully and poignantly on this single.

“Silence The Dread” will have an impact, not just with women, but the music-loving culture in general and globally, because Ghana’s overall presence is pure star power. It is a testament to her craft and voice, as well as her social commitment.

Ultimately, we may talk about the song’s message, but we should not forget that the vocals are incredible, the production is incredible. The way everything comes together is incredible. You may not really notice it until you really, really listen to it a couple of times.

The power that “Silence The Dread” exudes will leave you breathless and filled with emotion every time you hear it. Saying that music is supposed to inspire, is a pretty lofty mandate, but if there is anyone who can make people sit up and listen, it’s Ghana.

Hers is a truly powerful and fearless female voice. At the time of writing Ghana is busy finishing off her EP “Gypsy Dread”, alongside Dale Virgo and DZL Records, and is set for a June 2019 release.


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Prod. Dale “Dizzle” Virgo / DZL Records

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