Homemade Tunes: “Chop Lush” – the sound of challenging electronica

After taking a half dozen recordings to define and stretch the definition of his ‘intelligent electronic music’ designs, it seems Homemade Tunes has found a mode of filtering his ideas. I say ‘his’, but it could be ‘her’, or even ‘them’, as we know nothing about this mysterious music producer. For all intents and purposes of this review, we will refer to Homemade Tunes as ‘him’. Throughout his whole catalog, there seems to be some abstract continuity in how every track was approached. It’s like instead of just laying the ideas down, he takes the concept, explodes it into hyper-detail, and turns it inside out. For whatever reason, his tracks, which more often than not, have unusual structures, are capable of engaging your synapses and engulfing your senses in an unparalleled manner.

Compared to his contemporaries Homemade Tunes’ tracks are, on the whole, characterized by considerably more complex rhythms, a less schematic feel, and maybe a more percussive choice of samples and sounds. However it still makes for an absolutely blissed out listening experience.

And that’s the great thing about Homemade Tunes, and especially his single “Chop Lush” – it’s great because it’s sure to elicit some weird mental images as you try to imagine where this music belongs, or where it came from, and into which genre it should it should be going. It may of course even be its own genre…

Ultimately, Homemade Tunes’ music is essential to anyone who enjoys artists that push the boundaries, or the sound of challenging electronica. Listening to “Chop Lush”, it becomes clear that Homemade Tunes is one of the few artist I can think of that exists on two completely opposite sides of the spectrum simultaneously.

His music is both extremely minimal in its execution and yet ridiculously complex in its concept. “Chop Lush” rides on the bare minimum amount of stuttering basslines, dashes of synth punctuation, and hand-clapping percussion. And yet it weaves and twists itself into intriguing the listener until the end.

There is little to no recognizable melody, the audible synth notes are forming no obvious structure, the basslines perform like bouncing objects, and the percussion is being pushed to the background – but the listener is drawn in by the abstract continuity of the music, waiting for it to reveal itself more clearly.

It constantly shifts in a slight but subtle way to displace the emphasis that’s hypnotic to something that’s almost mysterious. And when you least expect it, you’ll acknowledge that “Chop Lush” is its own entirely unique entity, with its own personal set of standards.

On each new release, Homemade Tunes departs into uncharted territory, seeking to revolutionize and innovate, as he has a powerful musical vision lurking behind his machinery.  Listening to his music will simply excite your aural sense receptors like nothing else. So stay tuned, and enjoy his post-modern mindset.

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