Dark-Wave Trio Jonathan/Christian Releases There Third Album “Dark Hallways”

Transatlantic Dark Wave trio Jonathan/Christian is pleased to announce the release of its third album, Dark Hallways, on all major platforms. Dark Hallways features seven new original songs, covers of Pink Floyd’s “Nobody Home” and Kate Bush’s “Running up That Hill,” and bonus remixes by EBM legend Leaether Strip, Combichrist’s Joe Letz, and ElectroPointe. Johnathan|Christian is Johnathan Mooney (Composition and Piano), Christian Granquist (Lyrics and Vocals), and Tiger Koehn (Percussive Battery).

The sound is based in 80’s Goth, Dark Wave, and Romantic Death Rock and has drawn comparisons to Peter Murphy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Christian Death, Sisters of Mercy, and Muse. The band’s first two albums and remixes generated over 3,000,000 streams and were well-received by the Gothic, Dark Wave, Industrial, and Alternative press and by fans.

Dark Hallways is expected to bring the group to an even larger audience.  When asked about the writing process for this new album, singer Christian Granquist said:

“Lyrical inspiration comes from feelings that not are completely tolerated, whether being forbidden pleasures or difficult emotions like jealousy or antipathy. In that way, it works a bit like therapy, approaching difficult subjects by using lyrical metaphors.”

Regarding how existing fans will feel about the new music, he said that “I think there’s maybe a risk that some listeners will miss some of the drama from early work. But as I see it, it’s a bit like musical chairs. On Dark Hallways the music has stopped. And what is there to do when no chairs are left?”

Facebook:  facebook.com/jchristianmusic

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/jchristianmsuic

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