Ino Jehabur: “I Love It, I Like It” – pure and genuine sounding pop!

Ino Jehabur is a singer, producer and songwriter from Indonesia. Born in Malang City, he’s been doing music since he was 14. He started his music career with the purpose to inspire people to stay to themselves, and follow their passion despite social pressures. The words to his latest track, “I Love It, I Like It”, is written like a romantic story between to people, but it really alludes to his relationship with his passion. This is his sophomore single, after debut track, “With You”. Ino Jehabur revitalizes what you loved about pure pop. Catchy, airy guitar, perfectly placed keys and strings, and great drum sounds paired up with dreamy, floating vocals are what makes this a pleasure to listen to. There is nothing out there currently quite like it. There isn’t anything this catchy that is also this pure and genuine sounding throughout.

Ino Jehabur has invented his own musical language and he is fluent in it. Everything in it from the instrumentation, arrangements, production, and lyrics all make it feel like a very focused piece of work, which is why I love it. It’s also good for easy-listening and just playing when you’re at home, in bed, at the beach, wherever, whenever.

It’s just good pop music but with a nice spin of originality without all the pretentiousness his peers often infuse into their music. If you are looking for that nostalgic, dreamy, chill type sound you have found the right song here.

“I Love It, I Like It” kind of reminds me of some of the best stuff from the 80’s and 90’s, but in an updated way. A lush, goose-bump inducing tune with poetic lyrics that actually seem relevant and relatable. The track showcases the fluidity of sound and Ino Jehabur’s ability to find a balance between two opposing poles.

Throughout the recording, “I Love It, I Like It” is simultaneously vintage and modern. As a result, the song is a reflection of various musical flavors, and the artist’s own creative identity, which is refined into pure modern pop.

The song is also defined by a subtle but tangible orchestral arrangement and an overriding sense of meticulous attention to detail. Ino Jehabur mingles jangly guitars with classical strings, exhibiting his newly garnered production techniques in full display to a dazzling finish.

Jehabur’s sonically intrepid manner frees him to place a premium on eloquent lyricism: “I look up to the sky. Free like a butterfly. Jump out from this bitter land. Falling down into your hands.” Here we witness the evolution of Jehabur’s poetic gifts as he ups the stakes even further since his debut.

However, despite the lyrical gems, Ino Jehabur still manages to maintain the delicate balance between enhanced lyricism and not overburdening listeners with convoluted attempts at prosaic grandiosity. A track like “I Love It, I Like It” is deeply absorbing in the way he uses simple, conversational diction to relay a story as if speaking to a group of friends by the campfire. Enchanting!


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