Love Ghost: “Quiet Voices” – a burst of musical expression!

Love Ghost is an indie/alternative/hard rock band consisting of Finnegan Bell (guitar and vocals), Mya Greene (Viola and Keyboard), Ryan Stevens (Bass and background vocals) and Samson Young (drums and background vocals). A couple or so listens and the depth becomes apparent on the brand new single by Love Ghost. You’ll realize how complex and stratified “Quiet Voices” is. The stellar guitar work by Finnegan, is paired nicely with his sensitive, yet powerful voice and lyrics. The rhythm section courtesy of Ryan and Samson, is flawless, and Mya’s Viola adds just the right dramatic dynamic, to the tension-and-release sonic scenario. “Quiet Voices” was produced by Carl Restivo (Tom Morello’s “The Atlas Underground”), and is the follow-up to their recently released track “Mr. Blue” (also produced by Restivo).

Finnegan Bell’s lyrics in “Quiet Voices” deal with self-doubt, jealousy and betrayal, and how the voices in your head can lead to ultimate self-destruction, and is a perfect follow-up to their previous single, as the award winning indie-rock group keep moving forward.

The song captures an almost impossibly perfect, timeless, classic indie-rock ethos; combining honest, yearning vocal pathos with fluid, gut-charged guitar driven angst. This is blistering alternative rock elevated to the pantheon of melodic sting, lyrical focus.

“Quiet Voices” is indeed a good record, worthy of the hype around its release in indie rock land, and it will help sell a lot of tickets on any tour they do – but it’s also a really amazing piece of music, a burst of musical expression, passionately rendered and sincerely offered.

Which is the way this kind of music was made back in the day before the corporate giants destroyed the creative ethics within the genre. The musical movement that Love Ghost help keep alive, exists outside of the system, and produces music instead of products.

Love Ghost have held on to their own cred from day one, and have continued in finding a way to keep creating relevant, accessible music that also showcases their writing and performance skills.  And “Quiet Voices” is the perfect testimony to this. It has to be one of the best guitar driven tracks I’ve heard this year.

It is what indie or alt rock should be, and it is meant to be played loud. The volume must be turned almost, if not all the way up. “Quiet Voices” is not background music. This is music that is meant to swallow up everything around it. And it does so very successfully.

“Quiet Voices” plays off a vigor powering, soft- loud aesthetic, which is both captivating and substantive.  Not always an easy combo to find. But the telepathic interplay between the musicians, the soaring vocals, and superb songwriting, perfectly crafts the soundscape on this explosive single.

These exertions are thrilling, raising the bar of excitement with the envelope-pushing music Love Ghost continually puts out. Ultimately, “Quiet Voices” effectively demonstrates why Love Ghost is set to be such a big deal in both indie and alternative rock.


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