Thamatic: “After School” – one of their most compelling works yet

Thamatic is a music group from Park Ridge, Illinois that blends Rock and EDM in their catalog. “After School”, their Spring/Summer single release, went through a few studios before finally being mixed and mastered at Clear Ear Studios by Bryan “Blue” Bolton. The song immediately captures group’s connection between their rock and evolving EDM sound. This latest musical instalment is certainly an evolutionary step forward for the genre-blend. It’s pretty damn catchy and never outstays its welcome. Boasting some sweet synth riffs and an unobtrusive lyrical accompaniment, it’s got plenty of charisma to spare, and feels like a body of work that has been carefully crafted.

Each element can be distinctly heard and the layering and complexity showcase how expertly mixed and mastered the track is. Thamatic give you a chance to experience their storytelling elements that pair perfectly with their sound. They are hypnotic and elevate the mood that gleams from the track.

I quickly ran through Thamatic’s Soundcloud set list, and I can honestly say that “After School”, is the most polished and professional recording, the group has achieved thus far. I think they’ve given an honest effort to grow beyond their comfort zone with this track.

Compared to their previous work, “After School” is an ambitious project, but one that works just perfectly as a showcase for the group’s wonderful songwriting and compositional skills. It proves, that their strength lies not only in their performance skills, but also in their music and ideas. Their latest offering, is simply one of their most compelling works yet.

There are some gorgeous highlights here that capture the listener’s attention at first listen. The repeating, warm keyboard motif, and the hip-hop-styled chants, among them. Everything is simple but very effective. As is the incessant percussion and bassline. No matter how personal, true or fictive the lyrics are, they give the record the spark it needs.

Thamatic’s impeccable dynamic sense is also displayed best on “After School”, which places the heartfelt vocals over an atmospheric backdrop. The group themselves, claim this to be the strangest song they’ve made thus far, and listening to their previous material, that statement more or less rings true.

However, I personally feel it marks a step towards the next level, and takes them into the mainstream arena, which is not necessarily a bad thing for a group expanding its reach. “After School” has all the fundamental elements required for radio play, and mass media consumption.

This is a well-produced, well sung and played, inspirational track that strives to create a mood, and take your spirits to a higher plateau. Forget about whatever you know about Thamatic up until now. Find a quiet time, free your mind of clutter and prepare to hear some of the coolest music played in a long time. This track is mesmerizing. “After School” is worth a close listening to, and it grows with repeated play.


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