The Remus Tucker Band: “Lonely Mile” comes from commitment and deep roots

The Remus Tucker Band, is an awesome band. End of story. If you took Whiskey Myers, Molly Hatchet, and the Allman Brothers, threw them in a blender, tossed in a heaped dose of extremely good musicianship and talent, and stirred in some fantastic songwriting and compelling lyrics, you would have The Remus Tucker Band. These guys are ridiculous. Seriously. For any Southern Rock fan, this is a required band.  They aren’t derivative at all, while their influences are clear- distinctly southern rock with a healthy dose of blues and modern country.

This Denver area band, which launched around about 2012, led by head honcho Remus Tucker, released their first album, “South of New Orleans”, in 2013 and haven’t looked back. The band is releasing a new single “Come On” during June, while they have an album in the pipework too. Currently you can catch up with their track “Lonely Mile”.

Like all the other great southern rock bands, The Remus Tucker Band know the value of keeping it simple. They play music for the people, pure and simple, stripped of pretension and artifice. There’s a chunk of rock n’ roll here, a little bit of boogie there, and touch of country and blues everywhere.

It’s a formula they have got locked down tight, and which you can hear all over the 11 track album, “South of New Orleans”. The single “Lonely Mile”, forges all of those elements, in under 6 minutes. So what you get is an intensely power-packed track.

The song arranges all the motifs in the correct order right, from the start, as it deals out a big-room beat, riffs that would suit anywhere from a spit-’n’-sawdust saloon, to an all-star rocking arena, great washes of resonant bass, and vocals the size of the Rocky Mountains.

While it no doubt carries the DNA of everyone from Skynryd and the Allmans to Marshall Tucker, this is a band with its own vision, so you’d best be prepared, as they rock up the room. Their top-notch work comes from commitment, deep roots and the kind of confidence that is earned by playing the hell out of their instruments.

We often talk about the decline of the importance of melody and even great vocals in the age of popular music we’re living in, but it also has meant the virtual extinction of the guitar riff. We’re all so focused on lyrics and production that we’ve forgotten what unique joy a great guitar riff can bring to our ears.

“Lonely Mile” is a swift reminder, calling to mind some great Southern rock bands, whose riffs get perpetually stuck in your head. To that end, the guitar solo is another truly shining element here, and sits alongside Tucker’s screaming vocals as an absolute focal point of the song.

Just like traditional country music, and a handful of other roots driven genres, Southern rock needs artists to keep it alive in the modern context, to prove it’s not music of the past and to keep pushing the genre forward. Denver’s The Remus Tucker Band, show in no uncertain terms, on “Lonely Mile”, that they’re ready to take up that particular torch and carry it with a vengeance.


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