Maini Sorri: “Someday Vol. 3” – a perfect introduction to her style and music

Maini Sorri is a Swedish-Finnish singer, musician and songwriter, living in Sweden who has composed music since she was 8 years old. She has studied song, piano and music theory and is a Bachelor of Arts. Her discography contains 6 albums, 3 extended plays and 20 singles, including her new compilation album, “Someday Vol. 3”, which was released on the 3rd of June 2019. The album is made of songs recorded over a decade that were previously released as singles or appeared on different albums. It also includes a brand new pop ballad, entitled “Love Bubble”, with lyrics written by Barbro Norberg. The title track “Someday” spent 43 weeks on Music World Radio’s Top 20 Charts in Spain, reaching the number one spot. The song’s lyrics were originally written in Finnish – as several songs on the album – and were translated into English by the legendary Swedish Finnish singer, songwriter and translator Barbara Helsingius.

“Awoken Heartbroken” charted on the DRT National Airplay Top Charts in the US for 15 weeks, appearing on up to four different Top Charts simultaneously. Gary Cornman from the US wrote the lyrics to Awoken Heartbroken, and several other songs on the album. All music on the album, released via the Reya music label, was written by Maini Sorri.

The songs are so beautiful, so soulful and so heartfelt and Maini’s voice is just unbelievable. She is a classy and intelligent woman and it shows in her music. Probably the most widely known songs are the ones mentioned above, but for pure, soulful sound, you also can’t beat “Love Bubble” or “You Are On My Mind”, the album’s opening songs.

I know I’m gushing but I honestly can’t think of an artist in recent years who can compare to Maini Sorri in her combination of songwriting, voice and prolificacy. She as well as a hand full of other singers, are bringing real music back. I love how all of her songs sounds like it belongs in one and yet they can all hold their own and be hit singles.

Maini is able to switch her high register vocals to any sound she wants. She can be earnest and demure, as on “I Shouldn’t Have Trusted You”, “Oh Echo”, and “Only A Memory”, but truly comes into her own on the more dramatic rock backdrops of “Like A Golden Eagle” and “Please Go Away (Rock Remix)”, where the sweetness of her voice beautifully contrasts the grittier soundscapes.

Each song has been beautifully crafted to reflect a mix of genre in music. The poetical lyrics are so memorable, making the songs play in your head over and over again. Maini Sorri puts so much heart into her music that you cannot help but be moved by it. I feel it is her heart in her music that speaks to your mind and your soul.

It is particularly evident on “Dreamworld” and “I Am Leaving”. So sweet and punching at the same time. Maini is a gifted recording artist and songwriter. There is so much noise today. It’s hard to find an artist with raw vocal talent, great compositions and lyrics that actually connect in a real way. Maini Sorri delivers on all fronts.

“Like An Angel” and “Highway” close the album on a high note, both lyrically and musically, as Maini’s voice knocks them right out of the park. Of all her albums, this is the one I love the best, and is a perfect introduction to her style and music.

The collection of songs are perfectly balanced between mellow and more enterprising arrangements, giving one an ample vision Maini’s craft. This woman truly does deserve the title of artist, as opposed to most singers currently around. Thought provoking and inspiring to listen to, Maini Sorri maintains the same pureness and intensity throughout all of her songs.


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