London Elixir: “IDGAFunk” – a track that swaggers and swings!

Influenced by Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Chance The Rapper, and her all-time favorite producer, Timbaland, London Elixir is a music producer from Columbus, Ohio currently residing in Atlanta, GA. “IDGAFunk” is the first single from London Elixir’s upcoming EP, “Listen To M3”. The song features 3 artists: Trey Francis, Shaun Rose, and Souf Papa, as well as 2 musicians: Matt Henderson (Keys) and Benjamin Ryan Williams (Bass). The track plays like an uber cool groove, an ambitious and eclectic mix of funk, soul, disco and old school R&B all filtered through London Elixir’s slick, modern production. Throughout the track the producer plays the role of puppet master to an impressive collection of musical talent. She acts as a palate cleanser, readying the listener for the retro sounds of the 70’s and 80’s soul and funk to come, and also as a sort of authenticity blanket.

“IDGAFunk” is compelling stuff and a testament to London Elixir’s considerable skill as a producer that she is able to unite so many disparate elements and talents on one single. The vocal additions look impressive on paper, but these artists are even more captivating in performance blending male and female voices.

The live drums and keys aid and assist London Elixir in delivering a track that swaggers and swings. This nonstop thrilling funk that will have you moving all summer long. This throwback sound is extremely popular right now, and few artists have been doing it better than London Elixir is doing it here. This song is instantly likable. It’s catchy and loaded with panache.

This track is pure pleasure. After listening to it once, I was hardly able to turn it off. I literally would not go to bed because I had to listen to it more and more times. This has been going on for several days. So, what’s in the mix? Well, it’s impeccably fun, lush, catchy funk with sparkling composition, a heart-thumping beat and deliciously exorbitant lyrics.

London Elixir’s seemingly charming and flamboyant personality comes out strongly through the record, while the all-round feature and player performances are subtly intelligent, consistently artful, and wildly infectious. The polished beat interspersed with resonating vocals is mastered so perfectly that not a crackle appears once on the record.

What’s more, it will make nearly every listener stampede furiously to the closest dance floor the second it comes on, revealing that London Elixir’s has the chops to craft a song that’s even more instinctive, than it is infectious. Without sacrificing authenticity, London Elixir has created an accessible, pop-friendly, and undeniably groovy funk arrangement.

“IDGAFunk” (pronounced “I don’t give a funk”) is a fantastic record, and definitely an early contender for the year-end lists. This will be topping the charts everywhere if there is any justice in the world. If you want the funk this summer, London Elixir is the girl to call. There aren’t many producers that exude this much party-starting energy.

***NOTE*** London Elixir works with artists in need of production so feel free to contact her via her website: – Genres include but are not limited to: Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Trap, Funk.


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