$ilv@: “$ir3n” – The throb, grind and intensity Dubstep expects!

$ilv@ is a DJ and producer, out of Long Island, New York. He started out at 18 in Buffalo New York, then continued his career in Manhattan, and on Long Island, when he moved back home. $ilv@ works his craft with all genres of music, though he is currently focusing on a Dubstep project. His latest single is “$ir3n”, available on all major digital stores and platforms. There are plenty of thunderous drops and dubstep wobbles to keep the bass crowd happy, with the aggressive bratty electro noises. But it’s the curveballs which prove to be the tracks biggest strengths, whether it’s the melodic synths in the middle or the ethereal tones throughout.

The beat is steady and ferocious, yet totally approachable for the faint of ear. Bubbly synths rattle around its layers, likely to induce spontaneous head-bobbing on any occasion. Seemingly adept at pushing the boundaries, $ilv@’s knack for aural experimentation is clearly exposed with this production.

At first glance, listeners can pick up on elements of electro and ambient being subtly incorporated into the track, while appreciating the euphoric and blissful sounds of Dubstep.

Longtime Dubstep fans will find plenty of the throb, grind and intensity they’d expect, but $ilv@ also colors outside the traditional Dubstep lines, which makes him accessible to other audiences. Here he indulges his predilection for crossing dissonance with melodic sounds right from the start.

The playful intro creates a sense of plans unfolding, but then gives way to a mix of dark, orchestral strings and shriller synths that portend an approaching threat.

$ilv@ takes that tension and seamlessly transitions into a powerful electronic buildup. Swirling mechanical vibrations and dubstep belches of bass drift in and out of the mix, but a quieter interlude reveals the keys, string and percussion skeleton that seemingly still underpins the piece.

After another anxious slab of head-twisting pressure, the thoughtful finish virtually suggests that despite the storm and bang, everything will play out as intended.

The mix on “$ir3n”, takes a solid synth-wave tune and gives it a wicked, serrated electronic edge. The lockstep beat and saw-tooth bass update the sound, but stay in service to the song’s innate innovative arrangement.

$ilv@ throws in some odd ideas that ultimately work out very well, especially the mid-song drop that explodes and pushes everything out of the way, leaving just the echoing whoosh, before letting it all bob back up to the surface.

The track’s highs and lows swirl around one another in an ever moving mobile escalator, painting the soundscape in vivid colors against the backdrop of a mid-tempo beat. This is the Dubstep we know and love. As a result, “$ir3n” is trippy and catchy as hell. Really, everyone should check $ilv@ out.



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