EVIE: “Miss You” – a mystical and sensitive, morphing quality

British singer-songwriter EVIE, released her self-titled debut album in 2013, and went on to reach the Top Ten in the Upfront Club Chart with a track off the album, called “Habibi”, featuring Marc Vedo. Following on from this success, her song “RayBans”, remixed by Pete Hoffmann, whose credits include Depeche Mode and Kylie, generated over 1 million views on YouTube. EVIE’s new single “Miss You”, which she wrote in dedication to her mother, will be officially released on the 31st of July- The song produced by Tony White, will be followed by a complimentary remix by Whitelight Production and a music video directed by Tim Watchorn.

‘Miss You’ Cover Artwork by Iulia David

EVIE’s voice has floored me. Not in the form of raw unbridled power, or pyrotechnical scale transitions, but by its mystical, and sensitive morphing quality. This reinforces that dreamy, slowed down observation of time, which could undoubtedly become EVIE’s trademark sound.

The overall effect is staggering. Far from sounding like dated dream-pop, from the early 80’s paisley underground, “Miss You” updates the sound, matures it, and offers it with a totally fresh vision. Soft, quiet, and ethereal, it’s a great way to unwind and ponder deep thoughts, and that feeling can be mind-blowing.

It is a beautiful piece of work. A bold artistic move and direction away from the bombast and savage rhythms currently inundating the airwaves and dancefloors. Somber and atmospheric, distance is a key component of EVIE’s music, temporal, physical, and spiritual, and that’s especially true here.

EVIE’s croon is in peak form, the sighing instrumentation beneath her floating at just the right level to keep everything aloft but decidedly hanging beneath her.

The song is warm and inviting, as EVIE lends herself to intimacy and introspection. The lyrics are not secondary to the continuous mood that maintains itself throughout the song. EVIE’s voice hovers, and instead of simply telling a story, she colors it with feeling.

Her accomplice, Tony White, is an impressive producer who knows when and when not to let the music build and break. His piano driven instrumentation creates a subtle landscape that interacts with EVIE’s airy delivery, as the feel of melancholy in her voice is set up beautifully.

‘Miss You’ Cover Artwork by Iulia David

“Miss You” achieves a bona fide surrealism that only dissipates when we’re poured into an impossibly mellifluous chorus: in a moment of subtle, almost sleight-of-hand interplay between artful production and perfectly tailored songwriting.

This approach offers chances to venture into hazy worlds, and take stock of our hopes and dreams, but also provides opportunities to become enchanted by EVIE’s absolutely magical voice. This is the kind of song you want to slow dance and spend the night with. Especially when you’re contemplating loneliness and life’s missed opportunities.

There’s an undertone of sadness in “Miss You”, but also acceptance and hope. Rarely given to histrionics, EVIE lets the words and her voice do the work. With only tiny vocal changes she can evoke a remarkable palette of emotions. “Miss You” marks a truly spellbinding performance from EVIE.

Note of Interest: EVIE has worked with various photographers to capture the essence of her music, both as a model and fashion stylist, including Piotr Sikora, Rankin, Leila Kimiai-nia, Anna Fowler, Michelle George, Milla Cochran, Iulia David and Mark Barnfield. She uses photography and film as an outlet to showcase her multifaceted approach to her artistry, merging different media to present her work.


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